Why You Should Play Stellaris: Ancient Relics

Paradox’s version of the ultimate sci-fi strategy game has a lot going for it. However, it’s been lacking in the DLC department. Thankfully for the audience, the creators of Stellaris have realized this early enough and are treating us to a new Stellaris DLC.

The new story pack DLC is called Ancient Relics and is available on both Mac and PC already. So what we can expect from this new pack? Well, what we know for sure is that there will be two new precursor civilizations called the Zroni and the Baol, which will have to be uncovered. Then there are a ton of benefits to be gained in favor of your empire. These can be found as rewards or by digging across various archaeological sites.

The new DLC also offers new Relic Words, which in turn offer new dig-related story missions, new dig sites, and even a Minor Artifacts resource.

Stellaris has been known for having story packs that let go of major features that are typically found in the flagship expansions. These story packs typically aim to enhance the experience by focusing on intrigue and deep storylines.

Up until now, we’ve had 3 story packs so far – Distant Stars, Synthetic Dawn, and Leviathans. Distant Stars focused on extragalactic travel while Synthetic Dawn and Leviathans were centered around robots and ancient aliens, respectively.
Now, with Ancient Relics, we’ll be getting an archaeological twist to the tale.

What’s In The DLC?

Paradox tells us that their latest offering will have two precursors. The first is to discover the ruins of ancient civilizations within the relic worlds and use the evidence to craft a story on how the said civilization grew and eventually fell.

The second of these involves the player mining derelict ships and cities to discover the truth and uncover powerful relics. The relics and the information can then be used by players to achieve the objectives and goals of their own empires.

In the game, Relic Worlds are essentially dormant planets with archaeological sites that can be explored for information and relics.
The beginning of exploration is the beginning of a story within the game. Each story can have up to 6 chapters and the relics discovered can be of great advantage to the player’s own empire.

Player’s can even explore the history of a precursor civilization. On the new Stellaris DLC, we already know there are two new precursor civilizations – The Baol and The Zroni.
The Baol are described as a “hivemind of plantoids,” while the Zroni are some of the universe’s most powerful psionics.

The Ancient Relics DLC also offers a fresh resource type called ‘Minor Artifacts’, but there’s very little information published about this. So you’ll have to play the game to know more.
So the new Stellaris DLC is quite interesting and definitely something that Stellaris fans deserve.

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