Infinity Ward is back with the sixteenth installment in their massively successful Call of Duty franchise, but this time, the story takes a slightly different turn. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, released on 25th October 2019 for the PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows, is being called one of the best games in the series by multiple players.

The story trailer gives a glimpse into what it is like inside the game’s fictional world. Based in an imagined place called Urzikstan, Modern Warfare lets you play as a part of one of three factions within the game.

The Setting

There are three primary factions within the story that compete with each other as the narrative builds, develops, and comes to a close. The first of these is the faction you will be a part of, an alliance between the United States and the United Kingdom that have come to Urzikstan in a tense political climate. You play either as Alex, voiced by Chad Michael Collins, from the United States, and Kyle Garrick, voiced by Elliot Knight, from the United Kingdom. This faction is eventually joined by a group of freedom fighters, led by Farah Karim, voiced by Claudia Dounit. For a while, you will also be able to play as Farah, but you will spend the majority of the game as either Alex or Kyle.

The second faction consists of Urzikstan’s Russian occupiers, led by a man called Roman. The last group belongs to a terrorist organization within Urzikstan called Al Qatala. This faction is led by a man called Omar.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has both a single-player campaign mode, as well as multiplayer modes where you can either take part in competitive gameplay or enjoy yourself with your friends and other players.

The Story

The narrative of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes the storyline back all the way to before Call of Duty 4. This game is both a continuation of the series from that point, as well as a reimagination. What this means is while there are some characters, old players will be happy to see back on screen, such as Captain Price, who is being voiced by the returning Barry Sloane, as well as a whole crew of new characters for you to explore the world with. The gameplay of Modern Warfare does not restrict itself to either the single-player or the multiplayer mode.

To get the full story and experience all the events, you will have to complete all the campaigns in both modes. While the single-player mode carries with it the bulk of the game’s story, certain parts of the narrative only unlock in after multiplayer modes are completed.

Single Player and Multiplayer 

Call of Duty’s multiplayer mode is already legendary in the world of gaming, and Modern Warfare builds on that legacy. Aside from the main story, which is both gripping and immersive in its own right, the multiplayer mode allows you to choose between competitive and cooperative gameplay.

You can either choose to participate in Operations, which are basically Call of Duty Special Ops modes driven by narrative and completing objectives set in the story. You could also opt for Missions, which take less time to complete when compared to Operations, and are more skill-driven than story-driven.

The game introduces multiple modes you can enjoy in multiplayer, as well as a single player. The single-player modes allow you to play the game on harder difficulties, which is a good challenge for any returning player, or someone looking for another run through. But the multiplayer mode is where Call of Duty: Modern Warfare really shines. You can play two against 2 in the Gunfight mode, or play against 32 players in the Ground War mode. Other modes, such as Domination and Team Deaths, make replayability all that more engaging. If you are playing on the PS4, you can also look forward to the ‘Survival’ mode, which is exclusive on the PS4 till 1st October of 2020.

All over, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is one of the most enjoyable, visually immersive, and gripping games of 2019.


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