Why Should Doom Classic Be On Your Wishlist Even Today?

Over the years, the gaming fraternity has seen a massive lineup of first-person shooter games. Most of them have advanced gameplay options and close-to-reality graphics. But does that mean old-school versions are redundant today?

Perhaps no. The complete edition of Doom Classic is a thriving example of how old is still gold, despite the presence of so many new games of this genre. As such, it’s still worth having this 1993, first-of-its-kind first-person shooter in your game collection.

What’s Doom Classic all about?

Developed by Id Software as a sci-fi-horror shooter game, Doom Classic puts you in the role of a “Doomguy”, a space marine, who must combat with groups of demons emerging from Hell. The game is divided into three episodes, all of them having nine different levels distributed as shareware.

Doom Classic assumes a special place in the gaming fraternity because of it the version that pioneered the genre of first-person shooter games. Not to forget, it also popularized collaborative multiplayer gaming, 3D graphics, and customized modifications and additions through packaged files called WADs.

Doom Classic for a nostalgic trip

The complete editions of Ultimate Doom, Doom 2: Hell on Earth and Final Doom is the package you should have if you desire a nostalgic trip through first-person shooting. Although the graphics of the game may look pixelated owing to the low resolution, you can never be disappointed by its style and charm.

The gameplay of Doom Classic still holds steady, even after gamers have got used to much- advanced installments. You can expect fluid, swift and straightforward movements, although some levels may seem confusing and difficult to navigate. The game’s stages are pleasantly non-linear, featuring forking paths that lead to hidden secrets and new open areas.

The essence of Doom Classic lies in its gunplay. The shooting mechanics of the game are gratifying and tight, with several weapons included in your combat paraphernalia. The best part is the Doom shotgun, which steals the limelight with its power and sound effects. Watching your foes blowback after the impact is fun and exciting as ever, and it’s surprising to see how the game could inspire so many of them.

What makes Doom Classic so playable even today?

It’s the content of the game that continues to hook millions of gamers to Doom Classic. Doom Classic Complete packs full versions of two Doom games and expansions—just enough to keep you busy for a long time. Albeit each game level lasts only a few hours, you will love the score challenges that you have to master at each level.

When you explore the multiplayer component of Doom Classic, you are sure to have some real fun. You should certainly consider adding this game to your collection if you are a first-person enthusiast. It’s certainly a refreshing change after indulging in the standard corridor shooter themes of modern-day sports.


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