Hades is the newest offering from Supergiant Games, the makers of Pyre, Bastion and Transistor. The Early Access option of playing this game makes it so much more interesting because of the new developments constantly taking place. While the creators continue to refine the game before the final launch, they have been open to players’ feedback to tweak things as necessary.

The rogue-like dungeon crawler game will see you battle the God of the Death as to make your way out of the Underworld. There’s lots of hacking and slashing going on and of course some epic fight scenes. As Zagreus the son of Hades, you will have the favor of the Olympian Gods and they will bestow gifts upon you, which users can use to your advantage. No two scenarios will ever be the same as different combinations of environments and powers come up each time.

Supergiant Games is developing the game in Early Access and promises new features and updates regularly. The living game can expect to see new characters, powers, weapons, and environments being added on from time to time. Hades is an isometric view game with RPG mechanics and a mash-up of a variety of genres. The creators want to give players the best game possible and it looks like they’re getting there.

Hades Gameplay

Zagreus is the son of Hades and the prince of the Underworld. Players take on the character of Zagreus and have to escape from their father’s realm. Of course, it’s not going to be easy and the game throws up all kinds of challenges as you make your way through the dungeons of the land of the afterlife. With every room you enter you face a new challenge; a new enemy to defeat.


You have your main weapon, a magic spell, and a special attack that you can use to your advantage. When you clear one room and if you’re lucky, one of the Olympian Gods will present you with a gift to give you a better chance of escaping your father. Successful completion of challenges also entitles you to currency and potentiality keys that you can use for permanent upgrades or unlock new weapons in later quests. Of course, if you run out of health points you die, lose all your God-given gifts and have to face your dad again.

Hades Review

The living game is in active development so you can keep expecting more cool stuff to get added on as time goes by. However, things are already looking pretty great for Hades. The visuals, sound, art, and narrative are already top of the line and players are sure to enjoy the experience. Hades is the Indie game you must play if you are a fan of rogue dungeon-crawlers and Greek Mythology. There are hours of adventure awaiting you in Hades and you will always have a new experience every time you play.

Hades in Early Access can be played live at Epic Games Store and one the game is launched it will be available at Voidu.

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