Considered one of the most epic games to have hit the gaming market, Mass Effect brings together the best parts of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. All this comes with a protagonist who could be a favorite of Skywalker, Picard, and Starbuck.

Mass Effect is one of the most critical pieces of science fiction narratives of our era. The game is cosmic in scale and goes far beyond other fictional universes in ways that most of you may not have realized yet. Here’s why you must add this game to your bucket list:

Represents society

Mass Effect is valuable because it reflects our society as a whole. In fact, science fiction is considered one of the best media to express social satire. The game does take your ideas to a new level of existence.

Whether it is real science showing humanoid life across the galaxy, the ethical vagueness of progress, FTL travel, or even the very reason behind the existence of the human race in our universe, the game encompasses all facades of society.


Mass Effect is a role-playing, third-person shooter video game. If you don’t fancy video games, then the idea of playing Mass Effect is that you run around interacting with characters and exploring diverse environments. In the process, you unravel the game’s narrative layer-by-layer through dialogue, discoveries, and linking seemingly-unrelated events.

Also, the game has some parts that involve special powers, gun-fights, and explosions. So, as a vessel for portraying a science fiction story, the medium of Mass Effect provides immediate advantages in terms of the setting, casting, and emotional immersion.

Ethical decision making

The critical difference between RPGs and video games is the duration and scale of the consequences of the decisions made in Mass Effect. Decisions in the game are not a function of its gameplay but of its narrative.

Your choices do not affect the mission’s difficulty, but they will alter your character reactions, relationships, and entire narrative arcs. Decisions remain uniform through each installment in the Mass Effect series. The total decisions in Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 contribute to over 1,000 variables, which are to be imported into Mass Effect 3.

Decisions in Mass Effect also have a significant scale. Your choice not to research particular technology or find retribution against a helpless enemy might lead to the death of a major character or the inclusion of a new one.

Mass Effect, as science fiction, is a critical starting point for discussion about the reason behind humanity’s existence in the universe. The game puts you in confrontation with a female hero created by you, with the most profound consequences on diversity.

Whether you happen to be a feminist, trans-humanist, theologist, space explorer, pacifist, scientist, or bioethicist, Mass Effect will make you rethink the world. Here’s the trailer of Mass Effect.


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