So, six years after its initial release, it appears GTA V’s online element will get its biggest addition so far. Fans have been asking for this casino for a very long time, and it appears the game developer, Rockstar has heard their pleas and finally giving them what they want.

The casino currently under construction

The Diamond Casino Resort has created quite a buzz in the GTA world, and it’s partly because some players have already noticed the exact location of where it will be. How is this possible? Well, construction for the building has already started and some players have noticed this.

Yes, this means that the casino is actually being physically built in the game. Construction has already started and the construction site had a now-removed “opening soon” site on it. This definitely adds a nice touch to the game and has made players extremely excited for the casino to finally open.

Rockstar says that players should not be disheartened by removal of the “opening soon” sign because The Diamond Casino & Resort will be open later this summer. To be located between “Vinewood Hills and the scenic backdrop of Tataviam Mountains”, the casino will be the largest entertainment complex ever of its kind in the game once it is open to the masses.

What will the casino offer?

Rockstar also adds that The Diamond Casino  Resort will have plenty of options to offer to the public including “lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment, and state-of-the-art gaming facilities”.

Since the press release mentions that “a range of sophisticated table games” will be available at the casino, it is highly likely that players will be able to sit and play casino games such as Blackjack, Poker and more with their friends.

On top of these table games, Diamond Casino Resort will provide valet parking to its customers. Players can also have the chance to spin the “Lucky Wheel” by which they can win “life-changing prizes.” It is now clear that the casino is highly interactive, not to mention super luxurious and lavish. There are even theories going around that this update could bring horses to GTA V, since there is a horse racing track that is constructed at the back of the casino.

Rockstar says fans of the game should stay tuned for more details regarding the upcoming casino. Most probably, this will be available just before the new addition goes live later this summer. Players of the game know that the mini-games of GTA V are a big part of the secret behind the game’s immense popularity, so there is no doubt that this casino will be a ground-breaking addition.

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