What’s Changing in the Two Dishonored Games?

When Arkane Studios released Dishonored 1 in 2012, stealth action-adventure game lovers saw the genre from a new vantage point. The game requires a first-person perspective and takes players on a series of missions that require combat, stealth or a combination of both.
Fast forward seven years and the game studio is now coming up with the latest title, Dishonored 2, which is a highly-anticipated sequel to the award-winning Dishonored 1. If you think that this installment would resemble its prequel with just a few minor tweaks here and there, then perhaps you need to play this game.

What’s Dishonored 2 all about?


Dishonored 2 advances the story of Dishonored 1 and comes with bold and beautiful player customization options. You see yourself traversing a world where industry and mysticism collide, requiring you to make a tough choice between Empress Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano, the royal protector.
Besides the character options, you will also have to decide your moves in the game. You can progress through the game with stealth, leverage a lethal combat system or bring the best of both together. The game allows you to pool unique powers of your character, gadgets, and weapons to wipe out your foes.
As a player, you will love the way the story responds to your choices, leading to some interesting results, giving you the full feel of going through its hand-crafted missions.

What has changed in Dishonored 2?

There’s an array of new features and abilities coming in Dishonored 2. Let’s check them out here:


In the first title, players could only control Corvo (whose face was never seen). But the second title will put players in the shoes of either Corvo or Emily Kaldwin and arms them with some non-lethal moves. The chaos system looks the same but has new elements. Random NPCs are assigned guilty, sympathetic and murderous states, killing either of them will lower or raise the chaos. At the same time, each mission will be fictional or mechanic—something which was unseen in the previous title.

Characters’ abilities

The upgrade system in Dishonored 2 is quite different from the first game, consisting of a skill tree with multiple paths. While Corvo’s powers are somewhat similar to what they were in the first installment, Emily will have her distinct abilities. Mesmerize, for example, sedates her enemies by distracting them and Domino allows Emily to connect her foes to decide their fate. Doppelganger is a skill that will enable Emily to clone herself to misdirect her enemies and Shadow Walk enable her to change into a swift-moving shadowy cloud. All new features are fresh and super-exciting.

The setting

While the previous installment took place in Dunwall city, Dishonored 2 will take place in Karnaca, the capital of Serkonos located on the southernmost coast in the Empire of Isles. Wind turbines power the entire city, which has local mines, export spots, and a military base. All graphical elements are really designed to provide a new experience to players.

If you love Dishonored 1, you will surely enjoy the newness of Dishonored 2. It provides you a mysterious world to explore and stumble upon some exciting gameplay options and characters. Get Dishonored 2 on Voidu Store.


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