If you have been a die-hard fan of 1998’s Resident Evil 2, you may be looking forward to what Capcom has in store for you. Well, the game publisher is now coming up with a remake of this beloved classic. The survival-horror game has wooed gamers all around the globe. So the question that stands before the fraternity is whether or not the remake will be able to do justice to the original version. Here’s what you should expect from it.

Know that it’s a complete remake

Although Capcom hasn’t explicitly titled the game as “Resident Evil 2 Remake”, there’s no doubt that what’s coming is a complete remake of the original. The game maker has confirmed that they have rebuilt the game from scratch to incorporate a deeper narrative experience. It’s proprietary RE Engine provides a fresh take on this evergreen survival-horror series. You can expect to see some incredibly realistic visuals, hear immersive audio, use a new over-the-shoulder-camera, and enjoy modern gameplay modes.

Once again, you get to control new recruit to the police force Leon Kennedy and undergraduate Claire Redfield, who must flee from Raccoon City after all its citizens have turned into zombies by a virus, just two months after the events that unfolded in Resident Evil 1.

Does the remake do justice to the original Resident Evil 2?

The remake of the classic video game will let you play from a third-person over-the-shoulder view. This perspective was created with the intent to make the experience terrifying with close-up shots of zombies. At the same time, the developers sought to add new possibilities for the classic puzzle-solving that Resident Evil 2 is known for.

The remake of the original appears to recreate many of the iconic corridors and rooms are seen in the original version. But these additions seem to have a much more modern touch. Although some of the rooms have been rearranged, the area’s overall structure appears to remain the same as the original game. You might have to forget the old-school escape tactics because loading screen doors are gone in the remake. So be prepared because zombies will stubbornly follow you wherever you go.

Leon is still the amateur cop in the remake, but his naivety has got a makeover here. Marvin Branagh, the commanding officer, assumes a more substantial character who continues cautioning Leon of the dangers ahead. Claire Redfield retains her will and zeal along with her sassiness that she was known for in the original version.

t appears that the remake’s story has undergone some mixing, and the Zapping System is no longer in use. Instead, the remake offers two completely different campaigns featuring Leon and Claire. Combat knives, wooden boards, new puzzle solving opportunities, and a gunpowder crafting mechanic are some really interesting features added to the remake.

The remake of Resident Evil 2 is set for release on January 25, 2019, which only a few more days away. Here’s the trailer for you. If you wish to experience the superior gameplay of this game, you can find this game on HERE . Do add this to your collection today!


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