Developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bros, Hitman 2 is a stealth video game which the seventh entry in the Hitman game series. Agent 47 is considered one of the most prominent assassins in the world of video games, and guess what? He’s featuring in Hitman 2. The game is the second version of the rebooted series that launched in 2016.

After the dull and confused Absolution, IO Interactive makes it clear that it’s going to base Hitman 2 on the same sandbox strategy they have refined over the past few years. We now know the location of the game’s first two missions, the way the initial game has expanded, and the costumes that the characters will be sporting.

Hitman 2’s location

All locations where Hitman 2 is set are out and it looks like Agent 47 won’t fall short of air miles this time. The six locations of the game are Colombia, Miami, India, New Zealand, the North Atlantic, and the USA. Not to forget, Austria is the setting if you switch to Sniper Assassin Game Mode.


Fans of the game series may be already familiar with the twenty-six-minute gameplay of Hitman 2. In Miami, you will be responsible for killing Sierra Know, the motorsport driver and her father. You get three strategies at your disposal: bombing the car, crashing the vehicle or shooting her during the race.

You need to up your creative and innovative skills as your opposition is far more prepared this time. The good news: your rivals can only recognize the agent’s face and not his body’s outline. So you can pass over for a little longer by simply hiding your face.

The agent’s targets

The developers of Hitman 2 has lined up quite a few elusive targets. You can also expect some escalations and contracts in this installation. The first elusive target is Sean Bean, the character who challenges the agent to take him on in Miami. As seen from the movies, Sean Bean has an impressive track record of surviving. Let’s see if Agent 74 has any chance against the barcode baldy.

Multiplayer components

Hitman 2 will have two multiplayer aspects: a co-operation mode called Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin set in Miami and a competitive mode known as Ghost. The first mode requires you and your friend to work as a team and stealthily killing a set of targets. In the second mode, you compete with each other and kills five hidden targets. During this time, your opponent’s ghost will be visible always, thereby giving you an idea of their moves. The presence of ghost coins has also added immensely to the deceptive playstyle of the game.

What’s the verdict?

Hitman 2 is an impressive rework of 2016’s Hitman reboot. It’s perhaps the best Hitman game to have come in the series so far. The game was released on November 13 for PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC. The fun stealth gameplay and well-designed game levels surely make it a good pick for the gaming fraternity this year.

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