What to Expect From Fortnite Season 9?

When the official social channels of Fortnite released the caption, “The Future is Unknown. 5.9.2019 #FortniteSeason9,” several things fell into perspective. The future was certainly unknown when Season 8 of this game started as no one would have ever guessed that both Tilted and Retail would be destroyed completely.

In Fortnite Season 9, the dynamics of the game comes with a complete makeover, with the more bold and daring players unable to drop at Tilted Towers Season 9. The game comes with a new battle pass, new maps, new skins, and more creative modes.

Here are a few changes that you can expect to see in Fortnite Season 9:

  • Newly vaulted aspects- The arrival of Fortnite Season 9 marks a number of changes, but what catches the eye is the vaulted pump shotgun. Besides, the game is bringing many other vaulted elements, namely clingers, balloons, buried treasure, poison dart trap, suppressed assault rifle, thermal assault rifle, and the scoped revolver. Meanwhile, gamers can also see a new semi-automatic combat shotgun entering the arsenal too.
  • Load outs- Fortnite Season 9 is bringing load outs, something that eliminates the annoying problem of continually changing back-blings, pickaxes, skins, and trials,
    etc. With the addition of load outs in the game, players can now prepare specific combinations of skins and switch between them conveniently to save a tremendous amount of time.

  • Gamer-centered concept- The most noteworthy highlights of Fortnite Season 9 are Agency and Choice. The creative director of the season said that these are fascinating concepts, especially when viewed from the season’s content and narrative. So what does it means? Well, it implies that the upcoming season will be linked to the decisions that players make in the game.
  •  What has come and what has gone?- One of the most interesting items to have entered the Fortnite Season 9 is the shadow bomb. With this incredibly powerful combat resource, players can deal a lot of damage to an enemy within 10 seconds. While this new item comes in, the Tilted Towers are gone. Back at the beginning of Season 4, Tilted Towers was struck by a meteor strike which left some craters and cosmetic damage to the hot zone.
  •  New Fortbytes- Fortnite Season 9 comes with new Fortbyte collectibles. Week one started with ten fortbytes to collect with more promised more or less daily. Some of
    them are unlocked by completing challenges, while others involve costumes and emotions in specific places. Collecting all the fortbytes decrypts a mystifying image, along with several rewards and the most-coveted secrets of Season 9.
  •  New slipstreams- The new Slipstreams could impact the Fortnite Season 9 big time. They are useful air tunnels that form a highway to let you travel quickly from one location to the other. The effect of this on Storm threat is yet to be seen. Interestingly, Slipstreams can take vehicles– something likely to be chaos.

The above are just a few new aspects gamers can see in Fortnite Season 9. To know more
about this game, you should check out the trailer here. You can also visit our website to find more of these action-adventure games.


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