It’s time to join Rico Rodriguez for another round of adrenaline-pumping adventure on his latest mission in Just Cause 4. Rodriguez heads over to Solis in South America to save the land from its tyrant dictator who’s been causing extreme weather conditions with some new tech. The game developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix sees players riding through storms, taking out the enemies’ weapons and doing simpler tasks to unlock new parts of the map.

To sum it up, fans state that Just Cause 4 is an improvement from Just Cause 3. The plot hasn’t changed much, but there are some new additions that make the game interesting. For the most part, you’re in a mad rush to make it out alive, but don’t be too surprised when you find yourself falling through the eye of a tornado or featuring in an 80s music video.

We kid you not; everyone’s favorite Easter Egg of Just Cause 4 is now the much-viewed video of Rico Rodriguez unexpectedly finding himself in the middle of A-ha’s Take on Me video. The all too famous riff is there too as is a young lady who wants to dance with our protagonist. Would you stay and dance for a while or would you continue with the mission? Just Cause 4 is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

What’s new in Just Cause 4?

There is a lot of the same which includes the wing-suit and grapple, but the grapple comes with some cool new features that let you have some fun with it. The real kicker lies with the impeccable graphics which bring the game to life. As you move from one ‘action’ to another, you are struck by how realistic it all is.

Just Cause 4 lets you use the extreme weather conditions to your advantage which is a feature of in-game physics. The never-seen-before feature adds a new level of excitement to the game as you continue to base jump and free dive on your way to victory.

The enemy is the Black Hand, a private military organization equipped with hi-tech weaponry. Your ultimate nemesis is dictator Gabriela Morales, with who you have the final face-off. And then there is the added mission of discovering more about Rodriguez’s father and his time on Solis.

In Just Cause 4, you get to fight to the finish amidst a beautiful and almost life-like South American setting with a variety of landscapes. The game also has a bunch of new vehicles like military jets and turbo-fueled sports cars to check out, but the new additions to the grapple hook seem to be a fan favorite. There is also a Metal Gear ‘Fulton’-style balloon that can be used to send enemies flying or give a jet boost which can make it lift heavier objects.

The final verdict

Overall, this game has no rules, which adds to the fun. Just Cause 4 lets you bend the laws of physics and lets you be a killing machine that can withstand bullets. Mindless fun combined with cool gadgetry and stunning visuals is the gist of Just Cause 4.

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