Apex Legends, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, is a Titanfall battle royal spin-off played in a first-person perspective.

Its opening was seeming grand as it acquired 1 million unique players in just 24 hours! Not to forget, it even overtook Fortnite (the supreme in the battle royale genre) to emerge as one of the most-viewed Twitch games in recent times.

Here’s what makes this title worth your investment:

Game features

Apex Legends incorporates the same elements of other games in the battle royal genre, but they have brought in some really innovate gameplay features, which make it very playable.

Each character in the game has their unique play style and special abilities—something like the hero shooters Overwatch. You can tweak the result of a firefight if you know how to use their skills smartly.

Moreover, there’s also a pinging system, which lets you communicate without depending on voice chat. You can mark all your locations, weapons and items, and foes for your squad. If any of your teammates die, you can retrieve their banner and revive them at a respawn beacon. So, eliminated players don’t really have to watch the entire game or quit right away.

F2P-style microtransactions

The quality of Apex Legends is amazingly impressive as a F2P game. It’s standing at part with paid alternatives like the Blackout mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Both Apex Legends and Black Ops 4 feature F2P-style microtransactions. All microtransactions and unlockable items in the microtransactions are cosmetic. Also, the game provides you with an array of unlockable items to choose from.

Some recognizable categories include voice lines, weapon skins, and character outfits. You can also find some unique melee finisher animations, character poses, profile banners, and character-specific stat trackers. As such, it looks like even the most enthusiastic and proficient players will take a while to unlock every cosmetic item that Apex Legends throws.

Refined playing experience

Most games that hit the online space tend to be infested by many bugs and glitches or are lack a well-optimized experience. Apex Legends did have some issues during its launch, a few of them being an infinite number of loading screens, slow-motion bug, and also a couple of server disconnects. However, for the majority of the game, the playing experience is surprisingly smooth.

The gameplay of Apex Legends feels quite responsive and taut, incorporating a variety of motions ranging from running to climbing to sliding to shooting. The graphics of the game look great too, especially when looked at the character models, unlockable items, armory, and environments.

Available for free

Unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or PUBG, Apex Legends is free to download. Note that it is not a pay-to-win game. All the microtransactions in this title are cosmetics, and there’s absolutely nothing that players can buy to add to their advantage.

As Apex Legends becomes a game that made great fame in a short time, you may wonder if this title can sustain this level of success. It could achieve great success even in the long-run if Respawn continues to add more content, fix its glitches, and take player feedback seriously.

You can check out the gameplay trailer of Apex Legends here to know what it entails. To find more games in this genre, our website is here to help.


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