What Continues To Make Deus Ex Such A Playable Game?

Deus Ex is an action role-playing video game created by Ion Storm and released by Eidos Interactive in 2000. It’s been two decades since the game hit the market, but the gaming fraternity doesn’t seem to get enough of it.

The game continues to be fun, thrilling, and playable. Let’s look at some of its illuminating aspects here:

Engaging story

Set in the year 2052 in a cyberpunk-themed dystopian world, the story of Deus Ex follows JC Denton, an agent working for the fictional agency United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO). He is bestowed with superhuman powers by nanotechnology, as he ventures out to fight hostile forces in a world that’s devastated by inequality and a lethal plague. Denton’s missions put him in a conspiracy that brings him into rivalry with the Triads, the Illuminati, and Majestic 12.


When Deus Ex hit the market in June of 2000, it was apparent that Ion Storm’s three-year-long labor had been worthy. The game received more than 30 “best of” awards in 2001 alone and was hailed for its immersive, open-world design that let you approach each challenge in different ways.

The basic gameplay of Deus Ex blends shooting with stealth elements and tops it up with a generous layer of role-playing game conventions. This created a play-it-the-way-you-want experience enabling you to address every situation in multiple ways.


Deus Ex is set mostly in Prague, leaving no scope for disappointment in its density and composition. Mysteries and side quests are sprinkled everywhere in the game. You just have to poke around a little to find them.

The timing moves from day to night, and the city experiences various weather conditions. So, the game succeeds in creating the feel of a realistically dynamic setting where you come back intermittently between missions.


Deus Ex is stocked with abilities and upgrades. The events of the game take place in an era of cybernetic enhancements. As such, you can pick and select the kind of superhuman feats you wish your Adam Jensen to achieve.

Do you want to teleport him over short distances? You can do that in Deus Ex. Want him to turn invisible? You can do that too. Wondering about enhancing his combat and defensive abilities? Feel free to go ahead.


The soundtrack of Deus Ex is composed by Alexander Brandon, Dan Gardopée, Michiel van den Bos, and Reeves Gabrels. Critics praised the music of the game for suiting the gritty atmosphere of the title by incorporating melodious and ambient tunes from several genres, like techno, jazz, and classical.

The music has a dynamic element, similar to the iMUSE system used in the early 1990s LucasArts games. It changes to a different iteration of the song playing currently based on your actions, such as starting a conversation, engaging in combat, or transitioning to the next level.

The above are just a few of the many aspects that make Deus Ex such a playable game. You can check out the trailer to know more about what the game entails. To get more games in this genre, you can check out our collection here.


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