Created by id Software and released by Bethesda Softworks, Doom Eternal is an upcoming first-person shooter game and the fifth main title in the Doom lineup. It is a direct sequel to one of the most popular games of 2016, Doom. Here’s what to expect from this title:


Doom Eternal offers a highly bold and ambitious one-versus-two multiplayer mode called Battlemode. The mode will have five playable demons, namely the Revenant, Arch-vile, Mancubus, Pain Elemental, and Marauder. Also, you will find six maps at launch, but the developers intend to add more routes and demons later on. The best part: these are likely to be free!

The mechanics of Doom Eternal propagate the “reflexes versus strategy”—something that id Software has been addressing about the gameplay for a while now. Players fret much about their goal as calling forth AI demons and other calamities potentially debilitate the Doomslayer.

In the meantime, the Doomslayer player is playing a level that’s more-or-less like that in Doom, with an exception that the demons are way smarter and ammunition is far weaker.


Doom Eternal is set in Hell on Earth. The planet’s streets and skyscrapers are seen bursting open with hell energy, while demonic tentacles are mercilessly strangling everything they come across. The environment of the game suggests that you will be combating in much broader levels with slightly more extravagance than Doom’s Martian facility.

A new slayer

The Hunter, which is one of the most forbidding foes in Doom Eternal, is the new slayer in this title. Just like every other beast in Hell, you are responsible for taking The Hunter down.

You can expect to see twice as many demons in Doom Eternal as compared to the original reboot. For larger and deadlier demon combats, the Doomslayer can now disable enemy weapons by damaging that specific area.

You will be fighting Hell Knights, Spiderdemons, Imps, and Cacodemons-with-arms, which are also known as Pain Elementals from 2016’s Doom. Updated Arachnotrons, the Arch-vile, and the Marauder are also coming to this title.

Invasion strategy

Doom Eternal allows you to “invade” another player’s game as demons and partner to slash the Doomguy. This is quite a departure from the invasion tactic of Dark Souls. The developers confirmed that you could also choose to turn off this feature. No matter what, this certainly marks a change in approach to the series.

You can expect some single-player downloadable content coming to Doom Eternal too. Also, Mick Gordon, who gave the music for the 2016 Doom reboot, is on board to compose the soundtrack of the sequel.

Doom Eternal is expected to deliver a great blend of power and speed, coupled with the push-forward, first-person combat. So, the combat style of this title will be similar to Doom 2016, meaning you will get to enjoy fast movement, double jumping, and execution moves again.

Doom Eternal is set for release on March 20, 2020. You can check out the story trailer of this game here. To get more games in this genre, we highly suggest that you look through our website.


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