Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for its PlayStation platform, Death Stranding is a genre-defining video game released in November 2019 to much fanfare and criticism alike. Here is what you can expect from the latest open-world title from Hideo Kojima (of the Metal Gear fame).

Cinema Like Feel

Be it the graphics, soundtrack, voice-overs, or character likeness to their real-life counterparts, Death Stranding is perhaps one of the most visually striking games of its generation. Its star-studded cast includes Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux and Guillermo del Toro, among many others.

The cinematic experience also extends to the open-world elements of the game. Built on Guerrilla Games’ renowned Decima engine, the in-game imagery in Death Stranding is so filmic and at par with the cutscenes that it feels borderline pre-rendered even though it’s all happening in real-time!

Intriguing Gameplay But Light On Combat

In Death Stranding, you control Sam Bridges (played by Norman Reedus), a porter who has to deliver cargo from one location to another on foot, mostly. The challenge is in simultaneously controlling his movement and balance as he moves across difficult terrain, and failure to do so can lead to him falling and damaging the precious cargo. Upon successful delivery, Sam receives goodwill and aid from recipients that help him to level-up.

His main opposition in Death Stranding are these horrifying supernatural apparitions called Beach Things or BTs that tend to appear from nowhere. He has to sneak past them by relying on the instincts of an unborn baby (Beach Baby) connected to him.

There are also human enemies called the MULE, who are out to steal Sam’s cargo. Encounters with them provide the few combat opportunities in Death Stranding. You must, therefore, take a call on whether to fight, retreat, or evade them, depending on what kind of weapons and cargo Sam is carrying at the time.

Unique Open World and Multiplayer Perspective

While you never meet other online players in Death Stranding, there is indirect interaction through signs and infrastructure that players leave behind for one another. Thus, items appear for you (and others) randomly, making it a unique form of online symbiosis where everyone is somehow responsible for helping out the other in achieving their respective goals.

The open-world characteristics of Death Stranding are equally unique in that Sam can move, crawl, and climb over any surface! Not that it is easy, but it is nevertheless possible, thus letting you truly chart your course in the game, which can easily take 50-70 hours to complete.

A PC Version Coming Out in 2020

Death Stranding is set to release for the Windows platform in the summer of 2020. The PC-version will be published by 505 Games and will also mark the debut for a Decima Engine based game for the PC platform.

So, apart from experiencing the highs and lows of Death Stranding on a PC, gamers can certainly expect better visual and graphical presentation than what is offered on a PlayStation 4 console.

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