There’s certainly no dearth of first-person shooter video games, but Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege tends to hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. Developed and released by Ubisoft in December 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is the successor to Rainbow Six: Patriots. Nonetheless, Siege is a game that every gamer with a knack for tactical shooting must have.


What’s the gameplay Rainbow Six Siege all about?

As you enter the game, you get a glimpse of what’s to come. Rainbow Six Siege puts a strong emphasis on environmental destruction and requires a high degree of cooperation between players. Each player takes the role of a defender or an attacker in different gameplay modes. Rescuing hostages, taking control of a capture point, and defusing a bomb are a few of the things you will have to do to progress in the game.

As you see the title, you won’t find a campaign. But the game features a host of short missions that can be accomplished on a solo mode. All these missions have a loose narrative that focuses on recruits going through preparatory training for encounters with the terrorist group, the White Masks, in the future. Different operators from the Rainbow team have different weapons, devices, and nationalities. You will find that the game has an asymmetrical structure where there’s an imbalance in the ability choices of various teams.

How does Rainbow Six Siege look and feel?

Since its launch two years ago, Rainbow Six Siege has come a long way to include a consistent stream of new operators, maps, and cosmetic items, in addition to stability improvements, bug fixes, and balance changes. The game has become all the more competitive, fun, and challenging as a first-person shooter game, gaining a pull that gamers can’t resist.

The core the game hasn’t changed; it’s a five-versus-five attack and defense between armed military forces but involves complex maps and a good balance between smart play and strategy. Each round begins with a race as one establishes their defenses and the other scour the environment for Intel using remote-controlled drones.

Most of Siege’s levels are set in three-story buildings, giving a nice sense of height during gunfights. The game’s accessibility gets a boost from the destructible floors and walls, letting your carve your own paths. Currently, there are fifteen maps in the queue, nine of which are ranked. It’s a game that demands good communication between teammates while unraveling layouts of these maps and using security cameras and drones.

The verdict

Out the many first-person shooter video games that the gaming fraternity has seen, Rainbow Six Siege is something no gamer should miss out. The game not only encourages but necessitates teamwork, strategic thinking, good communication and smart play along with aiming prowess.

The plot is deeply engrossing thanks to the punch of action and thrill that the developers incorporated. Not to forget, the operators and maps of the game are diverse but well-balanced, thereby proving to be like a gust of fresh air in the FPS realm. You can check out the trailer of Rainbow Six Siege here. Do check it out on our website to add this to your personal game collection.


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