Team17 Partners up with Black Matter on Hard-hitting WW2 experience Hell Let Loose

Developed by Black Matter, Hell Let Loose is a platoon based, a realistic shooter with multiplayer elements. The game was designed to completion on the back of funding raised on Kickstarter in October 2017. The game is set in World War II and it gives players control over an entire platoon. They can dominate battlefields with tanks, need to maintain important supply routes and become a vital shooter in the overall war machine.

The gameplay

The game can allow around 100 players to join the fight taking up various roles like infantry, artillery, tanks and shifting to the front line. It can be thought of as a war simulator that is very easy to learn but hard to master completely. The massive maps in the game are 4 km wide and are divided into various cap segments which make for always unique and ever-emergent gameplay. The game creates a battle between 50 vs. 50 players in a fight to the death that takes place across a wide range of terrains like fields, bridges, towns, and forests. In Hell Let Loose, the front line is always evolving to provide new experiences. The maps have been created through a combination of satellite imagery, archival aerial photographs, and street-level creation.

The game puts equal importance on strategy as it does on gunplay with the players making a critical decision each moment. There are ammunition depots to protect, supply lines to establish, fuel depots to capture and conquering segments on the map to cut off the supply to the enemies. These are just a few possibilities of what can be done in the game and the various ways in which it can be played. Every decision that the player makes affects the overall gameplay, the team’s survival and game experience. Teamwork and communication are vital elements of the game as the players need to work together in a platoon under the leadership of commanding officers. If a player decides to fight alone, then they will die alone. A total of 13 different roles are available for the player to try out and Hell Let Loose has done a fantastic job of making them as realistic as possible.

From a graphical perspective

The developers have done a great job of bringing the battlefield to life. Be it the thunder of the bombers in the sky or the continuous rattle and explosions of the frontline, the World War feels real and has a life of its own in Hell Let Loose. The details are historically accurate and the music combined with the details provides the perfect immersion to this world war simulator. Hell Let Loose seems like a breath of fresh air in the world over-populated by typical battle royales. Thankfully none of the overdone tropes of battle royale format are repeated here and the game provides a completely fresh experience. Initially designed by Black Matter, Team17 has now joined their team to bring this game to completion.


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