Monster Hunter: World is an extremely popular action role-playing game that isn’t recommended if you cannot muster the thought of killing beautiful native species, even if they’re fictitious and called ‘monsters’. It is also very complex and makes you lose sense of time, particularly if you go the journey alone and don’t opt for the online four-player cooperative mode. To be sure, many players relish the opportunity to painstakingly unlock information, conduct research about each monster and achieve multiple kills to craft armor.

It is not for nothing that Monster Hunter: World is Capcom’s fastest-selling game. While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were released in January this year, the Microsoft version was made available seven months later. As of August 2018, more than ten million copies had been shipped.

Monster Hunter: World Gameplay

The game has 14 different weapon classes, each with its unique and thoughtful combat mechanics. Some are quite complex, transitioning from sword and shield to axe. You can also set bombs and traps to sneakily capture and kill the monsters. Admittedly, you can get a lot more done in multi-player mode.

Taking on the role of a hunter, you must craft your own weapons by harvesting parts from monsters and targeting their specific weaknesses. Monster Hunter: World makes you work to collect the pelts, membranes, quills and scales needed to put together full-fledged armor. The diversity of weapons is matched only by the variety of monsters and their interesting kill mechanisms, which include poison vomit and five-foot spikes.

Most of your early effort in the game will involve killing monsters to unlock new armor or upgrade your weapons. Besides crafting, you will find yourself ‘gathering’ to sustain your strength. That means gathering mushrooms, berries and plants to create healing potions, traps and ammunition. Every foe you kill sets you up to face bigger challenges.

Is Monster Hunter: World worth your time?

Monster Hunter: World reviews have been largely excellent and many who have ventured into this intriguing world have loved it. But you have to be prepared to invest hours into the game. Once you slip into the rhythm of the game – and that won’t happen immediately – you won’t struggle to kills monsters quickly. At the same time, you will also be held back by a few intricately designed monsters (there are over 30 of them), particularly the fire-breathing Bazelgeuse, Black Diablos that rams you with its powerful horns, and Nergigante, which is large, agile and deals stunning blows. You have been warned!

The other intimidating aspect of the game is how, as you progress forward, you keep facing new monsters who are difficult to eliminate on your own. Higher rank missions are also more punishing, with small mistakes costing you significantly, which can be annoying or pump you up to do better the next time around.

Finally, as we have indicated previously, you will need to get your brain cells working to piece together new armor and weapons for a single hunt. So, you can be thankful that you can eat meals at the canteen or load up on energy at the health bar. The real you may also want to grab a quick sandwich as Monster Hunter: World will keep you in your seat for a while.







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