Do you love the chase and hunt kind of games? If you do, then there is a game that you won’t want to miss out on. Yes, it is the game called Luigi’s Mansion. It is well known that Luigi never seems to learn his lessons. It has almost been twenty years since he entered haunted houses and dealt with ghostly creatures who took pleasure in haunting him. After endless duping, he is now trapped in the bleak surroundings of Hotel of Last Resort, where he has to rescue the familiar cast from the Mushroom Kingdom.

The evolution of Luigi’s Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion has a lot in common with previous games, but this third installment will be loved because of the scenarios and things like the multi-functional vacuum called Poltergeist that helps to eliminate ghosts.

Luigi needs to track his progress through the hotel’s fifteen floors. Fortunately, he has a digital assistant (Virtual Boo) to help him do this. There is also the strange Professor E Gadd, who is there to guide and assist Luigi.

Luigi’s Mansion maintains its roots from the previous hunt and chase games, but in this game, Nintendo has put some new life that helps to take the game to an altogether higher level. Gooigi is the shining gummy-bear that glows and helps Luigi squeeze through various pipes and grates all along; he also makes it easier for Luigi to solve puzzles and gain access to areas that were not accessible until then.

Gooigi makes Luigi’s Mansion a great game, especially in the co-op mode in which players can team up with a friend and explore different parts of the room simultaneously. Luigi’s Mansion has some very detailed levels and a decidedly-Egyptian theme. Overall, the game has a lot of depth and perception and each level is very beautiful in its own right.

Why Luigi’s Mansion cannot be missed?

What makes Luigi’s Mansion so exciting is the fact that there are bundles of cash and some expensive treasure that are lying around, though some are hidden. The game taxes your expertise to the limit to find the hidden treasure.

If you are the creative type of player, then you will love to discover how to get access to the most difficult-to-reach treasures. Once you get your hands on a stash, you can use that to trade for some items in a shop though only with the help of Virtual Boo can you complete the trade.

The game has randomly picked equipment and characters spread all across the hotel. You need to find out how best to use these, and, in the process, the experience will prove to be deeply satisfying. It can also be quite funny, especially when using your rescued Toad as a weapon.

For the best multiplayer experience, you can pick from two options that are not the same as the co-op mode. In ScarScraper, for example, you get a chance to play in teams of eight – either online or locally. All you need to do is complete various missions and use the 3 Mario Party-style mini-games.

All in all, Luigi’s Mansion will captivate and charm you. The only downside is it can feel repetitive if you follow the main plot without a break. Even so, the game is ingenious and witty as well as very inventive.


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