Its exciting news for both gamers and for those who are hardcore Tolkien fans, Amazon Game Studios has recently announced that it is working on a Lord of the Rings video game. The massively multiplayer online game, which is being developed in partnership with Leyou, will be available as a free-to-play title for consoles as well as PCs.

Although Amazon Game Studios only announced the news earlier this month via a blog post, the title was actually already announced last year by Athlon Games, which is owned by Leyou. At the time, Athlon only said that they were working with a “partner developer” but never released who this was. It was then revealed earlier this month this partner developer is Amazon Game Studios.

Even though a release date for the highly anticipated game has not been announced yet, we will most likely be able to play the game in about a year or two.

Plot and setting

Just like in The Lord of the Games literary trilogy, the video game will be set in Middle-earth. However, the events of the game are set long before what happens in The Lord of the Rings. Players will be able to explore lands and meet new people and creatures which were never seen before in the Tolkien universe.

According to the blog post by Amazon, the game will offer players an “immersive game experience for epic exploration” of the vast Tolkien universe.

The plot and setting may sound very similar to the upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series which will be produced by Amazon. It has been released that the show will also be set in Middle-earth, but years before the events of the main series. However, Amazon says that the video game and the show are two unrelated projects and will not share similar plots.

A strong PUBG contender?

PUBG needs no introduction because it has taken the gaming world by storm. Now available both on PC as well as mobile, the game has millions of players across the globe. Its wild success could be attributed to many factors, and one of these is definitely because it is available for free.

Considering that the upcoming Lord of the Rings video game will also be free, there is a good chance that it will be a strong PUBG contender. Although the two games are in different genres, the format of the LOTR game and the fact that it will be available for free will be huge game-changers.

Seeing how massively successful PUBG has become, it’s no surprise that giants like Amazon are now entering the online gaming arena. Sure, Amazon definitely has the resources to pull off this project, so the bigger question here is whether it will be able to find takers for the title. This was something that PUBG achieved easily with little effort.

For now, there is very little detail on the game, and we hope to find out more as development continues.

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