Know About the Close to the Sun, the BioShock Successor

BioShock will always remain alive in the hearts of gamers even though Levine and Irrational Games decided not to work on the series any further. Many game developers attempted to replicate the magic, mysticism, and grandeur of BioShock but have failed.

It’s the only Storm in a Teacup, an Italian game development company, grabbed gamers’ attention when they announced their plans to further the BioShock series with the following title called Close to the Sun. Let’s get to know about it here.

The story

Close to the Sun is a first-person horror game that’s somewhat close to Bioshock, yet marks specific differences. The game is set onboard of a Nikola Tesla ship in the 19th century and slips you into the character of Rose, a journalist in an extensive search for her sister.

Rose pursues her search on the Helios, the ship, in an alternate reality where the groundbreaking inventions of Nikola Tesla already have significant impacts on the world. The ship is supposed to be the venue for scientists to carry out secret projects. But, as usual, things go haywire, leading to everyone onboard getting quarantined.

The gameplay

It’s not the steampunk or art deco environments that set Close to the Sun apart from BioShock. It’s the fact that players in Close to the Sun don’t get any armor to defend themselves. The weaponless gameplay of the game requires you to run, hide, sneak and solve puzzles—something that is reminiscent of SOMA and the Amnesia games.

Here are the key points describing Close to the Sun’s gameplay:

  • Survival of the fittest becomes the rule in this first-person horror adventure game.
  • The story progresses as you solve problems on board Tesla’s ship.
  • Rose does not get real means to defend herself as dangers abound when she puts the pieces together to know what happened to her sister.
  • You need to demonstrate teamwork with an ally, who assists Rose in navigating her way through the artistic halls of the ship.
  • The game promises “nerve inducing explorations” as Rose finds her way through the ship in search of her sister.


Storm in a Teacup switched to Unreal Engine 4 from Unity as a development engine for Close to the Sun. As such, the game is concocted the latest in gaming technology.

The change in development engine enhanced quality and fidelity within the game, delivering a never-felt-before experience to players. Not to forget, the early success of Storm in a Teacup earned it a much-coveted Unreal Dev Grant before the studio partnered with independent developer Wired Productions.

Close to the Sun is the fourth creation by indie Italian studio Storm in a Teacup, after N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure, Lantern and ENKI. It’s indeed a game you must try if you are a fan of horror-adventure games with a dynamic storyline. If you have been longing for the BioShock feel, then this is the game you must add to your collection. Here’s the trailer for you. If you wish to get more games of this genre, you can check them out on our website here.

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