Jump Force is the upcoming fighting anime game from Spike Chunsoft under the banner of Bandai Namco Entertainment. First announced at E3 2018, the game’s going to bring together various characters from manga series, which is published in a popular Japanese magazine Shonen Jump. Let’s know about it here! What’s Jump Force all about?

Jump Force is a 3-versus-3 fighting game that casts characters from the Shonen Jump universe. If you are a diehard anime fan, then there’s good news for you. Jump Force will let you form a team with characters from Dragon Ball Z, for instance, and leverage the fighters from the Naruto, Bleach, One Piece or any world from the Shonen Jump lineup.
The demo of Jump Force featured twelve characters picked from different manga series. They include Goku, Luffy, Frieza, Naruto, Blackbeard, Sasuke, Vegeta, Ichigo, Rukia, Zoro, Gon, and Hisoka. Besides these, a couple of other characters are on the line-up, including One Piece’s Sabo and Sanji and Bleach villain Aizen.

What combat style should you expect?

You can expect a newbie-friendly and simple combat style that is reminiscent of Dragon Ball FighterZ, incorporating quick access, simple combos, and some solid moves. Simply hold the right trigger and hit a face button. You will activate something like Goku’s signature Kamehameha, which blows your enemies from across the stage. You can also enable a super form by filling up your power bar. Everything is all effortless to get the hang of.

The best part about Jump Force’s combat is that it’s fast and free-flowing. You get the real sense of blows, energy blasts, and heavy smashes. It won’t be wrong to say that the game’s mechanics do justice to the power and scale of these excessive anime attacks. You will love the free movement in the 3D arena, which makes for dynamic fighting sequences. Big attacks in Jump Forceare forgiving rather than complicated, without you having to worry much about aiming precision in the 3D setting.

What about the visuals?

Jump Force is a gigantic anime crossover title that’s filled with eye-catching graphics. The style of art followed by developers is impeccable and does complete justice to the anime style. Not to forget, the environment is a realistic replica of the real world; from the blades of grass swaying in the wind to the devastating blows, everything about this game is glorious and highly appreciable.

The stages of the game present a mix of real-world settings and locations taken from the series. The demo showed at the E3 2018 has the Matterhorn and Times Square, but Gamescom included Hong Kong and the first fictitious setting- Namek, the planet from Dragon Ball Z, which is finished with Capsule Corp Ship of Goku.

Jump Force is a game that no anime fan should miss out this year. It’s truly a fantastic game bringing the best heroes and villains from the universe of Shonen Jump. The game is releasing on February 15, 2019. To pre-order the game, check-out Voidu for the best price: Click HERE.



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