The Outer Worlds is finally here, and it’s a title that does proper justice to the genre of RPGs. Developed by Obsidian, this game is a breath of fresh air for those looking for an immersive RPG experience full of side-quests, character development, and multiple choices for story progression.

On an abandoned ship on the fringes of the solar system, a scientist chooses to thaw you out of your cryo-sleep. Before you know it, you are thrown into the role of a rebellious adventurer, with a moral compass that you change on the fly. Your job? Travel from planet to planet and resist the autocratic rule of corporations. Travel across planets to meet new characters, some of whom can join your party, customize your weapons (they have ray guns), and fight your way through a horde of alien wildlife and hired guns working for corporates.

The aesthetics of The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds has successfully pulled-off the retro-futuristic looks coupled with a sinister sense of humor. The Outer Worlds might feel like a prettier cousin of the Fallout games and there is a good reason for that. The makers of The Outer Worlds are the same developers who worked on the original Fallout games and New Vegas. One can say that this was their way of bringing their old vision to life. While the laser guns and companions might make it feel like Fallout, there some key differences.

The most obvious is the color and textures of the world. The color palette for each world is unique and vibrant. The character designs, though a bit stoic sometimes and lively enough for you to care about them, and the creature design is nothing short of impressive. It stands out from the Fallout series, both in its color and in its characters.

Gameplay experience

The Outer Worlds is not exactly a sandbox experience; it provides enough freedom to the players and can work as a 70 hour+ choose-your-adventure type game. Their game map is segmented into different planets and regions within those planets. Each area is densely populated with loot and side-quests. The Outer Worlds is a tight game that directs players to zones of actions, be it settlements on planets or space stations. While the world is not a sandbox, The Outer Worlds is still very large and really beautiful to look at. Just like your typical RPGs, you gain experience points to invest in various skills and in The Outer Worlds, it makes sense to invest in non-combat options such as intelligence and perception as it opens up new dialogue options with interesting consequences. Like Fallout, you can customize your weapons, adding scopes and improved magazines, or even change the type of damage. While Fallout had VATS, The Outer Worlds allows you to slow down time and target different body parts of your victims.

The release of The Outer Worlds has resulted in a collective sigh of relief and satisfaction from RPG lovers and typical gamers alike. You can check out the trailer for this amazing title here. To get your hands on The Outer Worlds or more games like this check out our website.


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