Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a series of action-adventure games created by Mike Dailly and David Jones. The primary developer and publisher of the series are Rockstar North and Rockstar Games respectively. The later titles of the series were developed by Aaron Garbutt, Leslie Benzies, and brothers Dan and Sam Houser.

Is controversy the key to success?

The latest installment in the segment released and published in 2013 by Take-Two Interactive is Grand Theft Auto V, which sparked controversy for its scenes having player-initiated violence and torture. The game was widely condemned for its graphic showcasing of electrocution, kneecapping, waterboarding, and dental extraction, which players have to perform to progress in the game.

But the game is running the gauntlet, as seen by the statistics revealed by the game’s publisher Take-Two. The CEO Strauss Zelnick says that the game has sold over seventy-five million copies since its release! Not to forget, the game was also 2016’s sixth-best across all formats and now is at the second spot on the latest UK game chart.

What makes the game worthy of a gamer’s time?

There are some obvious reasons why the demand for Grand Theft Auto V, despite so many controversies, is only soaring. The beautiful and huge open-world game environment truly deserves positive reviews. The anarchic humor, engaging narrative, its side-missions, and mysteries add a new life to the world. It’s true that the game has been in the limelight for objectifying women and races, but many gamers thrill wish to explore the thrill, which overweighs any problematic innuendos.

ockstar Games launched GTA Online shortly after releasing Grand Theft Auto V. The new multiplayer mode required players to vie for kudos and cash while navigating the streets of Los Santos. The game has intense missions and raids, along with a host of crews and personalization options. The best part: the mode is free of cost, meaning millions of active users are checking it out.

Grand Theft Auto V is not far from the benefits of the modern-day digital marketplace, which makes the game available to players across multiple platforms. The gaming studio has also given a new look to textures and added new aesthetic elements along with a first-person shooter mode. The whole new visual experience is enough to hook gamers till the very end of the game.

In essence, Grand Theft Auto V showcases a very natural setting in Los Santos, where remodeled worn-down real estate, new trends, and latest building technologies reign supreme. These aspects are enough for a maturing video game audience to fall for it. Although tastes and preferences for games have changed, gamers still consider GTA V as the best hangout venue. They simply love the broad experience that the game offers.

Bottom line

As such, there’s no doubt that Grand Theft Auto V is still the most-played game in the gaming fraternity. It’s comfortable, it lasts long, and all its components are reliable, thrilling, and consistent, making it the dad of all action-adventure video games. You can grab it for your self on our website: Grand Theft Auto V.


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