Developed by Guerrilla Games and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Horizon: Zero Dawn achieved critical and commercial success. So the gaming fraternity was so far under the impression that a sequel to this amazing action RPG is not likely. The good news for gamers is that there’s a piece of evidence that suggests that Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 is currently in development. 

Since a sequel to the much-loved game is most likely to come, here’s what the gaming fraternity wishes to see this time:

The return of Aloy

Horizon: Zero Dawn ended Aloy’s story with a nice little bow. But gamers would like to see her return in Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 too. Developers of the game created the Frozen Wilds and the vast post-apocalyptic world to showcase Aloy’s combat prowess in the 31st Century. 

Herman Hulst, the MD of Guerrilla Games, mentioned that her story isn’t over yet. The character has solved some of the primary mysteries of the world. Her story leaves gamers with many questions, and the sequel is most likely to answer all of them.

New worlds and tribes to discover

Horizon: Zero Dawn garnered worldwide fame owing to its beautiful setting, which was viewable from a third-person perspective. The developers enhanced the game graphically by looping in mountains, grasslands, and tundra. 

But guess what? Perhaps we can expect something more and better from Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. The sequel will probably have lost cities and desert dunes in a setting that’s perfectly post-apocalyptic and filled with interesting cultures, tribes, and history to uncover.

More downloadable content

The downloadable content of Horizon Zero Dawn’s: Frozen Wilds got gamers to try this game at once. Developers added a good amount of content after the launch, thereby bringing gamers back by further building on Horizon’s vast world and well-written characters. 

It’s too early to say whether the sequel will come with the same amount of downloadable content. Nevertheless, gamers who loved the prequel are hoping that Guerrilla Games has planned DLC for the sequel too. Hopefully, these will shake things up a little.

Given the fact that neither Sony Interactive Entertainment nor Guerrilla Games has officially confirmed Horizon: Zero Dawn 2, it’s hard to say the exact release date. Gamers can, however, at least find relief in the fact that they would get to witness the sequel of this much-loved role-playing adventure. 

Most players are expecting Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 to be a next-gen PlayStation title, which means gamers are likely to see the game release alongside the PS5 in late 2020. We can only hope it comes sooner since the anticipation is only building.

 Although no official trailer of Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 is out yet, you can check out the trailer of the prequel here to get an idea of what the sequel entails. To find more action role-playing games, you can check out our collection of games on our website.


Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 is under development, but the gaming fraternity can’t wait to lay their hands on it. Here’s what you can expect from this title.


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