Beyond Good & Evil is an action-adventure video game created and released by Ubisoft in 2003 for the PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube platforms. To be honest, the game is the result of when you let a Frenchman create a Zelda sequence.

The plot takes you on the thrilling adventures of Jade, an investigative reporter and martial artist, who associates with a resistance movement to bust a planet-wide alien scheme. The player controls Jade and allies, solving puzzles, fighting enemies, and obtaining photographic evidence.

Beyond Good & Evil drops off some of the tedium seen in Nintendo Switch’s action-adventure flagship. On top of this, developers have set the game in an unusual sci-fi universe because of which it remains entrenched in mind for its unique visuals and color palette.

Here are a few aspects of Beyond Good & Evil that you will surely love. Feel free to check out the trailer too.

A unique playing experience

There are just a handful of games that manage to elude influence of any kind as much as Beyond Good & Evil HD. It indeed plays like a Zelda game. But, that’s where the impact of other titles ends. Everything about the sci-fi world in the game – from its creatures to its villains to the green lipstick-wearing heroine Jade – stand out as truly unique from anything seen previously. It’s a rare treat in the fraternity of video games.


The events in Beyond Good & Evil take place in the year 2435 on the mining planet of Hillys. This planet is located on a remote edge of the galaxy. The visual appeal of the game comes from the architecture of the city, which mirrors the beauty of the rustic European style. Not to forget, the world in the game blends in modern elements, such as credit cards and email, with sci-fi and fantasy, such as giant spaceships and anthropomorphic animals cohabiting with humans.

Sound effects

Along with a spread of amazing graphical treats, Beyond Good & Evil has also aced the realm of competitive games with its excellent background score and sound effects. The sound may go unnoticed since many of the impacts still come off slightly “weak,” even though cleaned up. However, the soundtrack of the game now feels peerlessly great. You can expect to hear some soul-touching music while you play– from the title track to the cheesy takes on reggae and rock.

Unlike some other supposed “classics” hailing from the PlayStation 2 era, the excellence of Beyond Good & Evil continues to shine in this realm. It may be “bare” by modern standards of action-adventure games, but it certainly deserves your time.

The combat still feels free-flowing and responsive, the hovercraft controls are amazing, and even running around clicking snaps of animals is more fun than one could expect.


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