Here’s All You Need To Know About Yakuza Kiwami

If you have loved Yakuza, the first installment in the Yakuza series of video games, then Yakuza Kiwami should appeal to you. This action-adventure video game is a remake of Yakuza and is developed by Sega. Although it’s been a while since Yakuza Kiwami hit PlayStation 3 and 4 in Japan and Europe, you can enjoy this game on Microsoft Windows now after its launch on the platform on 19 February 2019.

The literal translation of “Kiwami’ is “extreme,” which is entirely apt for the game. Given the fact that Yakuza Kiwami is loaded with new content and features, you are likely to get an extreme action-adventure gaming experience. The game also comes with a much deeper storyline as compared to the PlayStation 2 original installation. At the same time, you are likely to witness some new distractions in the in-game setting of Kamurocho, along with updated mechanics, enhanced side quests, swifter combat styles and so much more.

The story of Yakuza Kiwami

The story of Yakuza Kiwami is pretty similar to the original version, with the game’s focus centered on Kazama Kiryu, a yakuza lieutenant, and his choice to take the blame for a murder that was committed by his friend Akira Nishikiyama.

After spending ten years in prison, Kazama is granted parole, making him a free man who sees an entirely different world. Kiryu discovers that Akira has become a powerful yakuza boss and his childhood friend Yumi is missing. Everyone is on a quest to track the ten billion yen stolen from the Tojo Clan, Kiryu’s former organization.

As war is unleashed between different factions in Kamurocho, Kiryo vows to find Yumi and the stolen money and protect a damsel in distress Haruka. This quest comes to an end when Nishikiyama sacrifices himself remorsefully to kill Haruka’s father, who’s hell-bent on destroying the Tojo Clan. Yumi too dies after a bullet hits her.

Rather than letting himself be shackled in prison, Kiryu leaves the Tojo Clan and becomes the adoptive father of Haruka. The story, however, introduces two plot lines centered on Majima and Nishikiyama. Majima, Zero’s standout character, is reintroduced in the game as a brutal and cruel yakuza who despises Kiryu for following the traditional code of honor of the Tojo Clan.

Majima throws down the gauntlet at Kiryu and provokes him for a fight, which he ultimately wins. His victory is a clear indication that Kiryu’s once-unbeatable fighting skills have reduced over the years that he spent behind bars.

Majima decides that he will not fight Kiryu when he isn’t at his physical peak and arranges a series of scenarios to manipulate Kiryu. Majima sometimes poses as a hostess, a taxi driver, a bartender, a police officer, and even a zombie, pushing Kiryu for on-street combat. After a final fight sequence, Majima pledges to continue combating Kiryu, not to prove a point but just for fun.

Talking about Nishikiyama, Yakuza Kiwami portrays his story through cutscenes that come at the end of each chapter. Each scene explains the circumstances that led him to become Kiryu’s most prominent rival from being a dear friend. After getting control over his own “family,” just after Kiryu’s arrest, Nishikiyama raised money for a heart transplant of his sister through illegal means. When he learned that the surgeon embezzled the money to pay off his gambling debts, Nishikiyama decides to commit seppuku (suicide by disembowelment). When one of his men stops him, Nishikiyama realizes that he cannot overshadow Kiryu, thereby plunging him into a murderous rage. He stabs his man to death and uses his blood to slick back his hair, which transforms him into the person Kiryu encounters throughout the game.

The gameplay of Yakuza Kiwami

The gameplay of Yakuza Kiwami retains the action-adventure elements of its preceding version. Set in an open world, the game is played from a third-person perspective. You slip into the shoes of Kiryu and explore the war-fraught streets of Kamurocho, which is essentially a fictional place in Tokyo but based on the real-life district of Kabukichō.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter random foes provoking you to battle. Not to forget, the streets also have random people who offer Kiryu side quests, the completion of which unwraps some cool rewards.

Just like its prequel, Yakuza Kiwami comes with four combat styles: Kiryu’s signature Dragon style, the large and slow Beast style, the balanced Brawler style, and the weak but swift Rush style. As you defeat enemies and complete side quests, you earn experience points and money. The former can be used for acquiring tactical upgrades for Kiryu or increasing his health bar, while the latter can be used for purchasing healing items and equipment.

“Majima Everywhere” is a new gameplay mode that’s come to Yakuza Kiwami. In this mode, Kiryu’s rival Majima pops up frequently to challenge him. If you defeat Majima in different scenarios, you increase your Majima Everywhere rank and add new abilities to the dragon style combat of Kiryu.

What else to expect from Yakuza Kiwami?

Beyond the various lighthearted substories, Yakuza Kiwami also provides a plethora of mini-games that elicits hours of dedication from you. Many of these mini-games like Mahjong and darts are traditional and straightforward experiences—all of which reminiscent of Zero’s renditions.

Bowling, batting cages and RC car races are nothing different at all. The bikini-clad women, who cosplay as bugs, are enough to tantalize you. As such, Yakuza Kiwami has a couple of adult pursuits that opt to be sexy than challenging, and are not at all shy about holding the machismo that permeates the game.

As an action-adventure game, Yakuza Kiwami does a great job. It’s done complete justice to its original title and rightly deserves the consideration of newcomers. Although the combats could have been more refined, the game doesn’t disappoint you with its gripping storyline, situational comedy, and realistic open world. Here’s the trailer for you. If you wish to get more games like this for your collection, you can check out our website here.

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