Control is a thrilling action-adventure game from Remedy, the studio behind the first two Max Payne games, and publisher 505 Games. Remedy is coming up with a game having a woman in the lead role for the first time in its enduring history. Here are aspects of the game that you should certainly know before laying your hands on this title:


Control is set in The Oldest House, which is the headquarters of the secret government organization, Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). The sole task of the FBC is to keep tabs on research and control various supernatural powers across the world that don’t conform to scientific law. These are called Altered Items, which are retrieved and stored at the FBC’s headquarters.

Much like the supernatural powers and objects, The Oldest House also violates the laws of reality; its interior is much larger than what its exterior implies, with halls and rooms that are constantly changing, and is connected to various dimensions. The FBC also fights the Hiss, a supernatural force acting as the main antagonist and leaking into The Oldest House.

You assume the role of Jesse Faden, who unexplainably gains supernatural abilities after a traumatic childhood event. Desperate to understand these powers, Faden goes to The Oldest House years later. She arrives at the FBC’s headquarters coincidently at the same time with was combating with the Hiss, who capture FBC’s employees and kill Zachariah Trench, the Bureau’s director.
Trench drops the Service Weapon upon dying. This “Object of Power” selects its own handler through a ritual.

It then chooses Faden and stresses the rule that requires the owner to be the director of the Bureau. Faden gets a new role and fights with the Hiss to regain control of The Oldest House. At the same time, she also strives to know everything about her supernatural abilities. She is accompanied by the spirit of Trench, as well as that of Dr. Casper Darling, the Head of Research at FBC.


Control is playable in a third-person perspective and allows greater freedom to players for exploration, letting them explore The Oldest House in a non-linear order. As Jesse gains new powers through the game, she becomes capable of accessing areas that were previously inaccessible. These areas also have new abilities to find or new quests to tackle. The game also features areas called Control Points, which are peppered across The Oldest House for players to boost their ability to travel throughout the map from one point to another.

The Service Weapon can change its shape and take the form of many different kinds of weapons. These weapons have unique combat attributes, such as long-range shooting, burst firing, or close- range power like shotguns.

Besides the Service Weapon, Jesse also gains many supernatural abilities, such as levitation, telekinesis, and controlling her enemies’ minds. She can also pull objects and debris from her environment and create a temporary shield to block out enemy fire. She can upgrade her abilities through skill trees throughout the game. For this, players have to find other objects of power in The Oldest House.

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