Anno 1800

Developed by Ubisoft, Anno 1800 is a real-time strategy city-building video game which was released on April 16, 2019. Being the seventh installment of the Anno video game series, fans had high expectations from the game, and it’s safe to say that Anno 1800 came to impress.

The game is set during the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century, where players must first build a village. Slowly, as the game progresses, the goal is to create a bustling metropolitan city with a huge population. Players have the option of playing in three different modes – Campaign Sandbox, and Multiplayer.

Build a bustling metropolitan from a simple island

Whether you choose to play in the Campaign, Sandbox or Multiplayer mode, the game starts with a Western-European island setting that has a trading post to the player’s name. From here, you slowly start building your village until you build a huge city with an equally huge population of different classes. The game’s core mission and the basis for progress are to gradually increase the population, while also meeting the needs and wants of the citizens.

The population is divided into different classes, with each class having a different set of needs that you should fulfill to progress. For example, the framers in your village or city only require clothes and fish to survive. However, to make them happy, you need to give them alcohol. This where strategic gameplay comes in because to achieve this, you need to have acres and acres of potato fields which you can distill into schnapps, while also making sure that there is enough distance between farmsteads and pubs.

The idea is that the better you are at meeting the needs of the different classes of citizens, the faster your population will grow and the faster your village will develop too. Once the maximum population is reached in a farmhouse, players can upgrade to house the next class of citizens – the workers. This access to a new group of population means that you also have the option to construct more advanced and complicated infrastructure such as breweries and brickworks.

The New World

As you ascend to the higher classes of citizens, you will find that their needs and wants to become more and more particular. You will have to meet these needs, while also ensuring that your city has all the infrastructure it requires. At the same time, you will see that your production lines progressively become more complex too. For instance, once you unlock the third class of citizens – the Artisans – their needs include sewing machines, rum, and fur coat. For these, you require raw materials which are not found in the European climate, so you will need to build ships and send them out to explore the New World.

The New World has a whole different map with different citizens, resources and production chains, essentially making Anno 1800 a game that plays out on two different RTS maps at once. All these make the game more challenging as you progress, rendering Anno 1800 one of the most captivating city-builder video games to be released recently.


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