Right after it was released in August earlier this year, Astral Chain was an instant hit among gamers worldwide. This sci-fi, police epic boasts several great elements that make it one of the best video games 2019 gave us, including impressive combat, a humor-infused storyline, and amazing graphics.


Set in the year 2078, Astral Chain explores a world where only a small percentage of the world’s population has survived with humankind on the brink of extinction. Whatever’s left of the people come together to a megacity referred to as “The Ark”, which stands on a vast, human-made island.

The world is also under attack by Chimeras, who are interdimensional lifeforms that live in the Astral Plane. Apart from wreaking havoc, they spread “red matter” which corrupts not only humans but also other living things like animals and plants. They can even drag humans into the Astral Plane.

In order to fight the Chimeras and protect humanity, a task force known as Neuron is set up. Neuron members utilize subservient Chimeras that have been tethered to them through a psychic chain to fight. These Chimeras are known as Legions.


Astral Chain follows the story of a set of twins – the player and Akira Howard – both of whom have newly joined Neuron. In one of their missions, they are outmatched by Chimeras as they are unable to see them, but are saved by Max, Jin, and Alicia, who already have Legions. Soon, the twins are assigned Legions too, meaning they can now see and fight Chimeras.

The story gets more interesting when the player is pulled into the Astral Plane during one of their missions, and the rest of the group follows to save him/her. When in the Astral Plane, humans become weak, and their Legions slowly become berserk and are able to break free from being controlled by the Neuron members. Only the player ends up taking back control of their Legion.

Max sacrifices himself and stays back in the Astral Plane so that the rest of the group can escape. Meanwhile, the Legion production facility is attacked, which leaves the player as the only Neuron member with a Legion.

As you can expect, from here onwards is when all the drama begins, with the player having to face plenty of enemies in order to save the Ark and the remaining human population.


The player has to choose either one of the two twins, and whichever twin they do not accept is the opposite gender and becomes Akira Howard. As a Neuron member, the player is tasked with investigating and solving cases along with the rest of the squad. During an investigation, you can explore the game world, interact with and question non-playable characters, and even examine evidence, all of which help you in progressing.

Different types of Legions can be tethered to officers, and your investigative and combat abilities depend on your Legion. Players have access to booth ranged and melee weapons to fight enemies.


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