2020 would turn out to be a great year for gamers, with plenty of exciting titles lined up for release in the coming year. If you love strategy games, here are a few that you should look out for in 2020.


From Sega, Humankind is a 4x strategy genre where players will have to take a human civilization through six major eras beginning from the nomadic age. Players have control of civilization development as well as advancements they make in the game.

You will also have to put your tactical skills to use in order to face opposing factions. What’s more, players have to deal with only three combat turns before going back to the overworld.

Empire of Sin

Developed by Romero Games, Empire of Sin is a mob strategy game set in 1920s Chicago. The city is struggling because of gang wars and the effects of the prohibition laws. The game focuses on the player using various strategies and tactical skills to ascend within the criminal empire.

As you grow your territory, you will have to recruit new mobsters, threaten and bribe people, and even get into fights to get through all the obstacles the game presents. As this is a single-player game, you cannot take on other players. Empire of Sin is definitely one of the most exciting strategy games 2020 has to offer.

Age of Empires IV

One of the most popular strategy game franchises, Age of Empires comes from a bunch of developers, some of which include Ensemble Studios, Relic Entertainment, Hidden Path Entertainment, Robot Entertainment, and more. The fourth installment of the game is set for release in 2020.

There has been little to no update on what to expect from this game, except for a small teaser. What we know from this teaser is that the title will showcase several era armies, and that’s about it. We might have to wait for new updates or the actual release to know more about the latest additions that the Age of Empires IV will bring about.

Astra Exodus

From developer Atomic Kaiser, Astra Exodus is a single-player turn-based sci-fi 4X strategy game with an epic campaign driven by a multiple-choice narrative. The game is expected to feature top-down, real-time tactical battles, as well as an extensive semi-randomized research grid.

Some of the most exciting features of Astra Exodus include a ship designer with over 100 modules, eight unique factions, modding-friendly gameplay, and real-time tactical battles.

Iron Harvest

Set in an alternate reality in the 1920s, Iron Harvest follows an alternate end to World War I. Europe, despite being in the midst of recovery from the effects of the Great War, must get ready as a new threat will soon force them to head back to the battlefield and put their machines to use. With more than 40 different unit types, players can control a large faction across various missions.


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