Developed by Spiders and published by Focus Home Interactive, GreedFall is an action role-playing game that was released in September 2019. The incredible offering is available for PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

While the game does boast impressive elements, such as clever and unique ways for players to complete their quests along with intricate crafting systems, it is not entirely immersive and enrapturing.

Some players may attribute this to the rather tame story of the game or the glitches that are hard to ignore (like characters magically appearing out of nowhere). Whatever the reason may be, it seems enough to make GreedFall a game that doesn’t make it to the must-play list of action role-playing games 2019.

However, if you would like to explore a beautiful world modeled after early colonial North America while completing quests in innovative ways, GreedFall is a game you must check out. Let’s learn more about it.


GreedFall is set in a 17th-century-style fantasy world. Colonial forces from several fictional lands discover an island paradise known as Teer Fradee, but apart from the natives, this island is also home to monsters and magic.

Players take on the role of the protagonist of the game, De Sarget, a human who has recently arrived on the island and tries to ally himself with the natives and the other foreign nations that also attempt to colonize the new-found island. De Sarget is also on a personal journey to find a cure for a mysterious illness that has befallen him and his family.


The game tells the story of De Sarget, who is a noble of the Merchant Congregation and travels to the island of Teer Fradee. His cousin, Prince Constantin d’Orsay, is appointed as the governor of the Congregation’s capital on the new-found island, while De Sarget is to act as his Legate.

As an island that’s imbued with magic, the Congregation hopes that they will be able to find a cure for a deadly plague that has been spreading all over the continent, affecting a huge portion of the population.

De Saregt quickly becomes allies with the natives and two other nations present on the island. He also learns that the native islanders are supernaturally bound to the earth, granting them special mystical powers. These people are referred to as doneigada.

The rest of the game is focused on De Sarget exploring and discovering more about the island’s link to the supernatural and trying to find a cure for the disease in the process.


GreedFall has elements such as combat, stealth, and diplomacy. The ending of the game depends on the choices that the player makes as the scenes progress as well as the development of the relationship between the various factions on the island. Towards the end, the player has an important decision to make that might affect the entire game’s realm.

Meta description: GreedFall may not be among the best action role-playing games 2019 offered, but you may still want to check it out.


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