God of War Lauded at BAFTA Games Awards. Here’s Why You Should Play It

If you are a gamer who loves a video game with an intense and captivating plot, amazing visuals and graphics, well-written and multi-layered characters, fantastic sound, along with impressive gameplay while being extremely fun to play and full of action and adventure, then you shouldn’t miss out on God of War.

Moreover, at the recent BAFTA Games Awards, the adventure epic PlayStation game brought home a whopping four awards and was the star of the night. So, if you still have not checked out the game, here are the top reasons you should immediately get your hands on it:

  • Memorable, well-written and believable characters

God of War boasts of having one of the most well-written and well-developed characters who seem sincere and believable. As the story follows father-son duo, Kratos and Atreus, players learn to love them and is extremely easy to feel emotionally invested in not just them as characters, but in their relationship as well. This makes the main characters of the game genuinely memorable.

After the death of Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother, the duo only have each other. The way both their characters grows, along with how their respective growth affects the development of their relationship is not only beautiful but realistic and sincere. While Kratos is a bitter man who is angry at the Gods and expects nothing from life, his young son, Atreus, on the other hand, is the opposite. Perhaps, because of his age, he is more optimistic and hopeful that his father, excited to explore new places and faces. He is fascinated with what the world has to offer, unlike his father. This innocent, adolescent-like mindset helps him grow as the story develops and players delve further into the game.

Other central characters apart from the father-son duo are also extremely well-written, and all have interesting backstories and development.

  • A strong plot with an enthralling and captivating story that will easily have you hooked

God of War is so captivating mainly because of its strong plot that has a solid foundation. It’s an epic adventure video game after all, and it does not disappoint fans of the genre. The story development is realistic and captivating all at once, and players get to come across all sorts of exciting elements in the game including giants, dwarves, and even dragons. Kratos and Atreus, who have embarked on a journey to spread the ashes of their dead matriarch, encounter all sorts of creatures during their travels, all of which contribute to creating an epic adventure.

  • The game moves forward steadily and is easy to follow thank to its single shot

Despite being an epic adventure video game, God of Wars is easy to follow for players, thanks to the entire game taking place in a single shot. This means that from the very first shot of the game, from the moment you click on “New Game” in the main menu, players view the game from the same lens until you finish the game.

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