It’s never been a better time to be a Marvel fan as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order brings everyone’s favorite Marvel characters onto the Nintendo Switch. The title was released on July 19th, 2019 and met with positive reviews from critics around the world.

What’s special about Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order?

If you were left with the feeling of wanting more when Avengers: Endgame’s closing credits played, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order should be on your radar. The game is an action role-playing, hack and slash title that’s packed to the brim with your favorite Marvel characters.

The game features a compelling story that unites Marvel heroes and villains across the Marvel Cinematic Universe to find the Infinity Stones before Thanos and The Black Order get their hands on them to unleash chaos across the cosmos.

How many characters made the cut?

Fortunately, developer Team Ninja made sure that plenty of fan-favorites and more made the cut. The game’s roster includes heroes from X-Men, the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and much more. The following characters are all playable in the game.

· Ms. Marvel
· Nightcrawler
· Phoenix
· Psylocke
· Punisher
· Rocket & Groot
· Scarlet Witch
· Spider-Gwen
· Spider-Man
· Star-Lord
· Storm
· Thanos
· Thor
· Venom
· Wasp
· Wolverine
· Deadpool
· Doctor Strange
· Drax
· Elektra
· Elsa Bloodstone
· Elsa Bloodstone
· Falcon
· Gambit
· Gamora
· Ghost Rider
· Hawkeye
· Hulk
· Iceman
· Iron Fist
· Iron Man
· Loki
· Luke Cage
· Magneto
· Miles Morales
· Moon Knight
· Morbius
· Black Panther
· Black Widow
· Blade
· Cable
· Captain America
· Captain Marvel
· Colossus
· Crystal
· Cyclops
· Daredevil

You’ll be happy to know that numerous characters make an appearance as bosses as well as non-playable characters.

What’s the gameplay like?

The game is a hack and slash title wherein each character attacks with a mix of light and heavy moves. In addition to these, they also come with four unlockable abilities that can be used to sway each scenario into a favorable one. Each character also has an ultimate ability that can be unleashed to deal tremendous amounts of damage.

Pick the right combination of characters and you’ll be able to dish out incredible team attacks, such as Storm’s Tornado, which can be combined with elemental energy from Star-Lord.

Is this a single-player game or a multiplayer game?

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order can be played alone with AI-controlled teammates or up to four players through local multiplayer or online. A team with a squad of four will have each player taking control of a different character to work together to fight through enemies.

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