Far Cry New Dawn: Here’s What to Expect From This FPS

Far Cry New Dawn is the sequel to the first-person shooter Far Cry 5 developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The gaming fraternity was kind of taken aback when Ubisoft announced the new Far Cry installment within a year after Far Cry 5, which was embroiled in a controversy.

What’s Far Cry New Dawn all about?

Far Cry New Dawn takes you seventeen years after the closure of Far Cry 5. In case you don’t know, the climax of Far Cry 5 saw the religious cult of Joseph Seed detonate a slew of nuclear warheads across the Northern Hemisphere.

Far Cry’s latest installation weaves another great story of resistance and uprising amid the fallout. The game takes you to a post-apocalyptic world: The United States has dealt with an eternal and savage nuclear winter, where nothing survived. After about two decades, humanity lost what nature reclaimed. You can expect the most inviting and lush apocalypse possible in this entry.

The fictional Hope County in Far Cry New Dawn is barely recognizable; the nukes have destroyed the modern world and driven humanity underground, but nature flourished in the absence of man with bizarre but weird flora blanketing dilapidated buildings, rotting cars, and remnants from the previous world.

The absence of civilization has given the world’s control to a gang of marauding Highwaymen, who move from town to town robbing everything they can. Not to forget, the game also features mutated animals romping in the wilderness. As a player, you have to tackle the antagonist and rebuild the civilization in Hope County.

Much of the discussion around Far Cry New Dawn has been about its beautiful post-apocalyptic setting. All the weapons and gear sport are super-detailed and have makeshift looks—marking striking resemblance to the hand-cannons cobbled together in Metro games. The guns and armory you see in the game are made of junk and scrap, but of the individual pieces are wonderful performance boosters.

Changes in Far Cry New Dawn

Just like in Far Cry, it’s your strategy in this game at the end of the day. But some tweaks cannot miss the eye. Take outposts, for example. Far Cry New Dawn makes it possible to replay them in a way most relevant to this fallen world. On liberating one, you get the option to either take it over or produce one of the most valuable resources in the new world—ethanol.

If you crave for more variety, you have a new type of mission—Expedition. In these missions, you hop on to a chopper, head to a different corner of the US, collect a package, and then try to find your way out. You can expect the scenario getting more hectic as the game ups the representation and numbers of foes in these locations.

To help you in these missions, a new cast of supporting characters are onboard. Carmina (Kim and Nick Rye’s daughter), Nana (a senior-citizen sniper), Timber (an Akita on a motorcycle), and Horatio (a boar gouging Highwaymen) are a few of the many characters coming in Far Cry New Dawn.

No matter what, Far Cry New Dawn goes beyond a lot of clichés that are seen in post-apocalyptic shooter games. It’s fun, vibrant, and beautiful. The game is poised for release on February 15, 2019. Here’s the trailer for you. You can get Far Cry New Dawn HERE!

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