Everything you need to know about the Internet’s favorite nuclearpunk RPG: Atomic Heart

The gaming market is already inundated with horror RPGs. But when Mudfish first debuted Atomic Heart in 2018, the internet collectively lost its mind. Apart from stunning visuals and a narrative approach that sets it far apart from its competitors, the game features an immersive gameplay approach that immediately tossed players into a unique world without a second thought.

What makes Atomic Heart’s story so intriguing?

Set in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union never broke apart, the protagonist in this game is a KGB officer. The protagonist, named Agent P-3 in the game, is completely crazy. He finds himself charged with reporting on what is happening in an underground science facility known only as Facility 3826.

At one point, this facility was an important strategic location dispensing robotic equipment and technology to the Soviets. But something has gone wrong, and it is up to the player to find out what that is.

The game does not leave much room for illusive dispute, and soon after the game begins the player is already shown hints of what might have led to the facility’s downfall. The once reputed facility that created technological help is now crawling with those same robots, malfunctioning and looking to kill.

But was it the doomed romance between two scientists that is hinted at early in the game that’s responsible for the facility’s downfall? Or does it have anything to do with rumors of human animation projects that Agent P-3 heard about? The answer is up to the player to find, and the adventure is only beginning.

Gameplay and Features

Atomic Heart plays like an action RPG. The player has to equip themselves with weapons they come across and fight enemies to survive. It is actually more beneficial to avoid direct confrontations in this game, unlike many other action RPGs. The game also favors a melee-style approach to battle mechanics, but players can find ranged equipment eventually.

Becoming a strong marksman may not be such a bad idea in this game, especially for players that don’t want to go near the enemy monsters. Atomic Heart is a first-person action game that takes players into the heart of a world ruled by communism and always in fear of Western imperialism. Set between the period of the 30s to 60s in Soviet Russia, Atomic Heart is a PS4 game no one should miss out on.

The final verdict: is Atomic Heart worth the hype?

The answer is a resounding yes. Although the game had been in developmental hell since its 2018 debut, its largest gameplay trailer reared heads the instant it hit social media. Check it out here.

Mudfish already set the game for a Q42019 release and pre-orders are already lined through the roof. Atomic Heart is a game that takes a survival strategy to nuclear alternate Soviet Union. If you want to play one of the best experiences in first-person action RPG, don’t shy back for Atomic Heart.


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