Discover The New Elder Scrolls Online Expansion: Elsweyr

Elder Scrolls Online has had many chapters added to its lineup. Most of them have been fantastic, to say the least. So it’s only natural that the developers decided to keep the trend going. The latest chapter is called Elsweyr and it is one of the best we’ve seen as far as MMORPG gaming is concerned.

So here’s our brief review of Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr.


Elder Scrolls Online is a much-loved game thanks to its rich content. Previous chapters like Summerset and Murkmire were out of this world. So, will Elsweyr live up to those standards? Well, it looks like it will with its cats, dragons, necromancers, and what not.

Some Initial Criticism

Unfortunately, nothing in this world is perfect and Elsweyr has its hang-ups.
For starters, there is too much focus on the same content cycle, which leaves very little room for developers to get creative. Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood changed the way MMO games were perceived by the market. But at the time, the content was fresh and unique.

We’ve seen a lot of interesting stuff happen since then and the content quality reached an all-time high. But that’s the issue – things already reached an all-time high. So ESO’s creators need to start thinking outside the box again.

There are no more surprises in the ESO world anymore. It’s becoming pretty predictable. For instance, we can expect to see a dungeon DLC in Season of the Dragon. You don’t need to be a soothsayer to figure that out.

While Elder Scrolls will always be an enjoyable game, there is some concern regarding its “tried and tested” approach.

Back to Elsweyr

Now, what do we have to say about Elsweyr? Well, it’s great and probably better than Morrowind. The addition of the necromancer class does a whole lot of good. It’s both unique and appealing. Dragons in the zone are interesting too, despite being too frequent.
Then there are the stories. They’re extremely well narrated and the characters are stupendous – especially Khamira. On the whole, Elsweyr makes for a fun-filled adventure.


Elsweyr manages to make the most of Summerset’s failures. For starters, it does away with the elves and has cats instead. Their antics are on full display across every questline.
Then you have the necromancers. Now, the necromancers may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For instance, there are no permanent skeleton armies which might cause some to feel let down. Instead, you get a barrage of flaming skulls. The necromancer can also heal his buddies by sucking the life out of someone else. This is an interesting class, to say the least.

Elsweyr is the start of the Season of the Dragon in ESO and that means you’ll be seeing plenty of them throughout the region. In fact, they’re likely going to be there till the very end of the story.

To conclude, Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr is a premier MMORPG game and has very few rivals. The content is rich as usual and it’s definitely going to contribute to ESO’s reputation, which is already sky high.

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