Creative Assembly completely reworking Total War Three Kingdoms Diplomacy

Developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, Total War Three Kingdoms is an upcoming turn-based strategy game with real-time tactics involved in the gameplay. The game is set in Chinese history especially during the three kingdoms period and the players must control one of the eleven factions that the game offers and unify the entire country of China.


Each faction is led by a warlord and the player controls both infantry and cavalry units. Units are classified into retinues which are controlled by generals. The players can deploy three generals at a time into the battlefield. Added to this, players can only control units that the generals have recruited. A siege battle is won when all of the opposing player’s generals are vanquished or if the center of the city is captured.

Generals apart from controlling their troops have special weapons and gear which can be looted after killing them. Example of this includes general Lu Bu’s Red Hare which when acquired from him gives the units both active and passive buffs. The generals also enter into face-offs or one vs. one duel where victory is achieved either by killing the opponent general or by forcing him to flee. Each general is also classified into classes with their own unique special abilities that also buffs the rest of the units with active and passive effects.


The game also has the concept of “guanxi” a form of Chinese diplomacy and power system based on hierarchies. Based on this the generals form social connections and ties with other characters. There are certain important virtues to be followed such as obligations, reciprocity, and trust and each general has a unique set of characteristics and desires that the players need to manage. There is a happiness of the generals which continuously needs to be maintained and which has repercussions throughout the game. The diplomacy system and forming relationships have undergone major overhauls prior to the release of the title. The death of generals is given a great deal of importance as does how vassals function. The way the AI is handled has also changed allowing for bluffs of war to be placed on regular deals.

There are also two different types of allies in the game- coalitions and military alliances. In coalitions, a diplomatic standing of neutral or better is required to establish the connection and from there on it’s a game of haggling to set up a pact. A greater number of warlords can be added, or new decisions can be made that the coalition members will need to vote on. Coalitions are loose and not all the warlords, or members will follow the players into war. Military alliances, on the other hand, are based on strong commitments between their leaders. These military alliances consist of duty-bound pacts where everyone is required to assist during times of war.

The game of Total War Three Kingdoms can be played in two modes, Romantic or Records depending upon the play experience that the player wants.

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