Constant PUBG Updates Shaping it Into a Higher-Quality Multiplayer Shooter

2018 was a pretty eventful year for PUBG Corporation and PUBG fans. Mid-year, the company launched a 33% discount for Steam to celebrate 50 million global sales. With 87 million daily players across Xbox One, PC and mobile, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is challenging the incredibly popular battle royale rival Fortnite. PUBG’s strategy to keep the game fresh and entice gamers to return has been to update frequently, nay, constantly.

What did the 2018 PUBG roadmap deliver?

PUBG’s 2018 roadmap has been ambitious, to say the least. Players had a lot to look forward to, items on the long-running list of PUBG updates including a new 4×4 map, new vehicles, and weapons, remote system, custom games, heat and body shots through vehicles, a full achievements list, PUBG API portal, and sound improvements. The developer also promised improved combat, more responsive parachutes, and animation improvements. If you’re a PUBG fan, you will know that the PUBG roadmap for PC arrives sooner than for its Xbox counterpart.

PUBG Sanhok

The updates have certainly made the game better. For instance, the 4×4 map named Sanhok, smaller than Erangel and Miramar, and launched along with a new Event Pass rewards system, makes exploring spaces feel more authentic thanks to significant changes in elevation, more foliage and a more natural representation of villages and towns on land. Inclement weather such as rain and fog make a comeback and there’s an Easter Egg location too. The experience of moving on land is more tactile than before, elevation changes up the ante, and the new map also speeds up the game quite a bit.

The Fix PUBG campaign

Executive Producer Taeseok Jang has already said that a complementary development roadmap for 2019 is in the works. The Fix PUBG campaign started as a way to fix the game’s core performance and poor optimization as well as to fix bugs, offer anti-cheat measures, honor requests for QOL improvements and enhance matchmaking logic.

PUBG has been clear and vocal about how exactly it wants to refine the game. The minor, frequent tweaks have not only added up to a better gaming experience but also kept players coming back to try the new additions. This is one of the best battle royale games to have made a commitment to constantly give back to players by listening to their complaints on the aspects plaguing PUBG, particularly with regard to optimization and cheating.

Although Fortnite is a tough contender, PUBG will catch up soon if it continues on its improvement path. The game currently betters Fortnite in aspects such as multiple maps, character customization, and realistic gun fights and graphics. On the other hand, Fortnite is well optimized and more fast-paced than PUBG, even though it is offered in the third-perspective to PUBG’s first-person mode.

Latest PUBG news

PUBG is set to come to Sony PlayStation 4 on December 7, but fans can pre-order the game for exclusive skins and cosmetics. Leaks also suggest that the launch of a new snow-themed map may coincide with the release of the PS4 version.


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