Here’s All You Need to Know About Stardew Valley- Multiplayer and BR mode

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation and RPG game originally created by Eric Barone and published by Chucklefish. It was initially released for Microsoft Windows and was later introduced for almost all platforms.

The game involves the player taking control of a deceased grandfather’s farm after escaping the bustle of city life and an office job.  The players have to manage the energy levels and time of the character as they go about various activities circled around managing and nurturing a farm such as clearing the land, tending to plants and crops, raising livestock, crafting various items and mining for resources. The game also features a social aspect where players need to interact with various characters and there is also several romance options present. The players need to earn in-game currency as they progress and expand their farms. It also features a 4 player co-op multiplayer mode along with a newly added battle royale system.

Multiplayer and Battle Royale

The battle royale mode which is known as Battle Royale was added this year and features houses filled with loot chests containing various weaponry such as swords, bows, bombs, slingshots and healing potions. The last farmer to remain standing wins the game. The players are spread around the map just like a typical BR game and must scavenge for loot in order to fight the other players. If sufficient players log in then the fight is between a hundred players at the same time. The map begins to shrink with time as the time progresses till the players are confined to a small zone and must fight aggressively to win the round. Players can chop trees, craft various defense systems, hide behind bushes and even ride a horse. There is also a catastrophe element present just like storms and carpet bombing in other BR games. The player hosting the game can choose the area of the map where the storm can appear. The host can also choose the number of players that going to enter the game.

The multiplayer mode is also interesting where one player acts as the host and shares the farmland for 3 other players to work together and develop it. Players are housed in cabins placed beside each other and act as support for the lead farmer (host). This may seem like the additional players are limited in their capacity but that is not the case. Co-op players live independent lives, can befriend other characters according to their own whims and even get their own fishing rods. The four players are basically like independent neighbors who are working on the same project.

Both the multiplayer and battle royale formats are nothing new and the ideas and tropes implemented have been done before. It does provide a pleasant experience both on PC and console and the simple interface can be picked up by almost anyone. There is nothing radically different about this game but provides an easy-going new experience.

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