Anno 1800

The seventh installment in the Anno series is all set to be launched in April this year. Anno 1800, the strategic city-building game was earlier set to be released in February 2019, but a recent announcement has stated that the game won’t be out before April. Fans of the Anno series are all eagerly awaiting for Anno 1800 and looking forward to the new developments.

More about Anno 1800

Blue Byte developed Anno 1800, and Ubisoft published it. The new version of the game will retain the same plot as the earlier version with a few new additions. Most notably, Anno 1800 will have blueprinting, tourism and also the effects of industrialization on the inhabitants of the islands.

The theme for Anno 1800 is industrialization and to keep things as real as possible, there’s going to be air pollution and even strikes by disgruntled factory workers. We are talking about the 19th century Industrial Revolution period, so we should expect some events based on historical data. Players get to witness first-hand what the Industrial Revolution was like and the effect it had on the surroundings.

What will return from earlier versions is the shippable trade goods and items, maps that are randomly generated, and AI opponents building on the same maps as players. What’s new is that city-building and combat will now take place in the same sessions and not segregated like in the earlier versions. However, there will still be multi-session gameplay.

What else is new in Anno 1800 Gameplay?

The blueprint feature is a fresh new addition that lets players plan their cities before building them. The blueprints of buildings can be drawn out and constructed only when the player is happy with the outcome. Players can also leave the plans as they are and come back to build it once they have gathered enough resources. The blueprint allows the building to appear with a single click.

Tourism is a great way to earn income for your city. However, if you want tourists to visit, you have to give them something to see. Well planned and attractive cities bring in more tourists and more income. The game shows what attracts tourists include decorative features, open spaces, cultural festivals and so on. On the other hand, tourists tend to stay away from crowded and polluted cities which have an air of unrest. Players have their work cut out for them, and they have to balance progress with sustainable development.

Underlying all the great city-planning, of course, is the ever-present political current. The land is ripe with conspiracies and people in power changing alliances frequently. The game takes a player’s full concentration and skill to balance development with politics in an all too real scenario of modern-day growth. Quick thinking, adapting strategies, and being innovative is the key to getting ahead in Anno 1800.

The final note

We’re excited for the new version in the Anno series. Keep an eye out on Voidu for when Anno 1800 will be released and when you can buy your copy of the game.

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