The Sinking City is Frogwares’ latest game bringing together lots of detective work, thrilling city exploration, and the unforgettable nightmares from H.P. Lovecraft’s macabre Cthulhu Mythos. Here’s all you need to know about this game:


The Sinking City is set in the fictional city of Oakmont, Massachusetts, and shows its charm during the 1920s. In the game, Lovecraftian deities have unleashed a series of devastating events on the area and left a large part of the town of Oakmont underwater.

Despite the inconvenience and the sudden emergence of fish people who romp the city, some human citizens try to take advantage of a bad situation. You will have to play the role of Charles Reed, a private investigator, and make progress by cracking one clue at a time.


Players will see The Sinking City through the eyes of a private investigator, who lands in Oakmont amidst the disaster. Exploration becomes a significant part of your routine, which is why the developers of the game created an open world.

Neither is Oakmont a sandbox where you will have to look for ways to entertain yourself nor is it merely a background for the main story. As a matter of fact, an open investigation is a foundation for the non-linear storytelling and core gameplay mechanic.

Game elements

The Lovecraftian elements in The Sinking City are prominent and bold at the same time. A few Lovecraftian creatures have been name-dropped so far. However, the game’s monsters are inspired mostly by both Lovecraft and the creations of H.R. Giger.

Also, The Sinking City seems to have an insanity mechanic, which can affect how you, as the player character, see the open world. If you are familiar with the GameCube classic Eternal Darkness, then you might have an idea of how sanity can influence the game’s world.

While the Lovecraftian elements of The Sinking City are deeply embedded into every dark corner, the game is more of a defective title echoing L.A. Noire. That means that you will often get requests and projects that require you to investigate, interview, and solve the case.

Unlike L.A. Noire, The Sinking City has very few objective markers or other clear points of direction. The game requires you to pick up contextual clues and dialogue to understand where you should go next as a part of your investigation.


The Sinking City gives you the freedom to make your own choices while solving the mysteries of a highly twisted world. If something goes wrong, you can leverage your arsenal of weapons. It might prove necessary to shoot someone or something. However, more often than not, the investigator is weaker than the foe, and experiencing supernatural beings or distressing occurrences can trigger madness in no time.

If you wish to know more about The Sinking City, then the trailer should give you an idea of what the game entails. To find more games in this genre, you can check out our collection here.


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