If you’re a fan of the Europa Universalis series but haven’t yet tried its DLCs, there’s never a better time than now to check them out, perhaps starting with the latest – Europa Universalis IV (EU4) DLC Dharma, released in September this year, or the fantastic expansion packs from EU3.

DLCs versus Expansion Packs

Downloadable content has become a popular way for video game publishers to monetize their existing games for additional revenue. DLC is a term for any additional parts of a game – aesthetic changes, new levels, challenges, game modes, etc. – distributed over the internet. It is similar to what some publishers may also term as an ‘expansion pack’. When publishers first started releasing new content for their existing games, they called it an ‘expansion pack’. Expansion packs can be installed from a CD or bought at a retail store, while DLCs can be accessed entirely online.

Also, typically, expansion packs pack a lot of new content. Many DLCs do too, by way of adding new skills, lands, and features. Some may not offer that kind of depth and mostly make cosmetic changes, add a couple of new features, or have new bonuses. So, purchasing a DLC is recommended if you believe it will provide a sufficiently distinct playing experience or even better – be a ‘mini-game’ based on the original content.

Europa Universalis DLCs – A reverse chronological order

DLCs for EU4 are modular, so you can skip what you don’t care about and don’t have to buy a previous pack to play the next one.

  1. Dharma (6 Sep 2018)
  2. Rule Britannia (20 March 2018)
  3. Cradle of Civilization (16 Nov 2017)
  4. Third Rome (14 June 2017)
  5. Mandate of Heaven (6 Apr 2017)
  6. Rights of Man (11 Oct 2016)
  7. Mare Nostrum (5 Apr 2016)
  8. The Cossacks (01 Dec 2015)
  9. Common Sense (9 June 2015)
  10. El Dorado (26 Feb 2015)
  11. Art of War (30 Oct 2014)
  12. Res Publica (16 Jul 2014)
  13. Wealth of Nations (29 May 2014)
  14. Conquest of Paradise (14 Jan 2014)

Europa Universalis expansion packs

Europa Universalis: Rome

Europa Universalis Rome: Vae Victis, released in November 2008, is a cool expansion pack offering a choice of 10 different cultures, revised military AI and added strategic depth courtesy of new character traits, personal agendas, and ambitions.

Europa Universalis III

EU3 has four expansion packs – Napoleon’s Ambition, In Nomine, Heir to the Throne and Divine Wind. Europa Universalis III Complete has the original game and the first two expansions while Europa Universalis III Chronicles includes the original game and all four expansions.

Is it worth buying DLCs of old games?

Older titles will never feel dated to fans. Once you’ve forged a bond with a game, every DLC – even if it has a tight focus on certain regions rather than adding new features to the entire game as is the case with Europa Universalis immersion packs – will be worth the money. You don’t have to stop with EU4’s DLCs; EU3’s expansion packs deepen the experience and prove once again why this is one of the best strategy games ever played. We have two great discount offers on EU3 Complete and Chronicles – if you’ve been looking to play all four expansion packs without spending big bucks, check out this link now.


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