What to Expect from Planet Zoo

Expected to be released in Q4 2019, Planet Zoo is a management and construction sim video game developed by Frontier Developments. Unsurprisingly, the game is a spiritual successor to the widely popular 2013 game Zoo Tycoon.

Frontier Developments has released a game called Planet Coaster, where players can build their own theme park. The only significant difference between Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo is that the first involves a theme park, while the latter involves a zoo. As such, gameplay for Planet Zoo will also be largely similar to Frontier’s theme park variant of the management sim game. Players will have access to more than 50 different animals at release, and build and manage their own zoo.

Extremely realistic animals and incredible visuals

Frontiers have claimed that Planet Zoo will have “the most realistic animals in any game”. This may sound like a very bold claim to make, but judging from the announcement trailer that the company has released, it may very well be true. The animals look extremely realistic and authentic, and the high-quality visuals of the game as a whole cannot be ignored.

The colors are vibrant and each scene is highly visually appealing. So, whether you are just exploring your zoo and enjoying the view from a distance, or you zoom into one of your animals, you are guaranteed high-quality visuals.

There will be a lot to do

If you think Planet Zoo is a game where you build a zoo and you simply let your animals be, you are wrong. There is plenty to do as you have to manage your zoo, take care of your animals and monitor them, ensure that they have all their requirements including food and shelter, and ensure that your zoo visitors are happy. Each animal in the zoo has an information panel where you can view its unique needs like the amount of water or food it requires, and it’s your responsibility to provide exactly that.

An interesting option for players is that the game has features such as inbreeding and genetic system, which allows you to create new animals. Besides, you may be surprised to see that the animals do not only look realistic, but they also act realistically too. For example, the wolves in your zoo will follow a pack mentality just like they do in the real world, while other animals may prefer to wander off alone.

Planet Zoo also has its very own weather system, which is quite impressive in the way it works. For instance, if there is a snowstorm, the outdoor areas become very cold, but the caves stay warm, which then prompts the animals to move into their caves and seek shelter. The more challenging your zoo location is, the more difficult it becomes to manage the temperature requirements.

Frontier Developments have also announced that Planet Zoo will have a story mode, where players can enjoy an interesting narrative so that they can enhance their zookeeping abilities and enjoy the game to the max. And you can be sure it will be on Voidu.


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